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    Broken plan living

    Broken plan living using modern room dividers to conquer your space

    A few years ago, open-plan living was all the rage but, with increased focus on technology and the individual, designers are turning more towards broken-plan living.

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    Walk in wardrobe designs: How to design your own

    For many of us, a walk-in wardrobe has always been that far-fetched option we’ve always dreamed of. But there is a common misconception that you must either need lots of money or lots of space to achieve the ‘walk-in’ fantasy.

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  • 08

    Wardrobe Colour Trends: Couture

    For the final instalment of our 2017/2018 colour trends blog series, resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, explores the world of couture. He looks at how these trends have been applied to new finishes within the range and how this can be incorporated into your own home.

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    Colour Trend: Blush & Sage Green

    Our resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, reveals the new colour trends for 2017/2018. In the first of a series of three blogs, he offers a glimpse into what you can expect from the Blush & Sage Green colour scheme, and also demonstrates how you can incorporate this beautiful palette in your bedroom.

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    Modern Colours for Contemporary Living

    In 2017, interior design trends as predicted by Behr are being stripped back – inspired by you, your personality and style, and the world we live in. Spaceslide’s resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, reveals how to update your home for 2017.

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  • 07

    Out with the winter wardrobe – in with spring!

    Too many clothes and nothing to wear? This is often the case for many of us.

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    Updating Your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

    Andy Briggs from Spaceslide explains how a simple update can make a big impact when you move into a new home.

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    The Bronze and Copper Trend

    Bronze and copper accessories were one of the most popular design trends from 2016, loved for the warming and sophisticated effect they bring, whatever the space. Compared to clinical chrome, its rosy hues stand out against an array of colours, and is easily incorporated into a variety of interior schemes, from Scandinavian luxe to LA cool

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  • 06

    Making the most of a box room

    Whether used as a guest room or a study, or a play room or a snug, many of our homes share one thing in common – a compact, often awkward space which means we need to compromise on practicality or style when considering its décor.

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