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Wardrobe Lights

Enhance your wardrobe with elegant, motion sensor lighting from Spaceslide

Available in a choice of sizes, our LED wardrobe lights add a touch of luxury and practicality to any wardrobe. Their low profile height means the light can be seamlessly integrated to any shelf without compromising space, while magnetic fixings make it easy to move and charge. 
Thanks to built in motion sensors, these automatic wardrobe lights switch on the second you open the door. The light will last 30 seconds while you pick out your clothes, before switching off when it’s no longer needed. 
For maximum effect, we recommend adding a strip light behind each door, but you can choose as little or as many as you’d prefer. Our LED wardrobe lights are perfectly paired with our other wardrobe products, such as our wardrobe interior kits, so you can create a fitted wardrobe with lights that’s tailored to your exact taste. 

Shop LED Strip Lights with Motion Sensors

Shop our LED wardrobe strip lights below, available in a choice of lengths for both single and double doors. For a full wardrobe with lighting, design your own wardrobe and add any handy extras you’d like.

  • Wardrobe Light 200mm

    Wardrobe Light 200mm

    The new Slimline Rechargeable LED light is available in 200mm. The low profile 9mm height allows the light to sit underneath shelving without protruding into the space
    From: £20 .43
    Was £40.87
  • Wardrobe Light 450mm

    Wardrobe Light 450mm

    The new Slimline Rechargeable LED light is available in 450mm. The low profile 9mm height allows the light to sit underneath shelving without protruding into the space.
    From: £30 .04
    Was £60.08

Why choose a wardrobe with lighting?

Adding lights inside your wardrobe won’t just add a touch of glamour to your storage solution, it’ll also illuminate your wardrobe so you can see everything crystal clear. That way, your wardrobe is more practical than ever.

You’ll barely have to think about charging your bulbs too, because LED lights are known for their long life span, energy efficiency and ability to withstand frequent switching. When it is time to charge, you’ll find a USB charging cable included - simply clip off your light and plug it in. 

Wardrobe sensor lights only turn on when your door is opened, so your wardrobe will only be lit when it needs to be. Every time you open your wardrobe, your light will switch on automatically and picking out your outfit will feel like a breeze. 

Wardrobe Lighting Ideas

Wardrobe lights can be easily fixed anywhere in your wardrobe, so there’s a variety of ways to style them. Here are some of our favourite wardrobe lighting ideas for inspiration:

Add strip lights to the top of your wardrobe

Possibly the most functional way to add a wardrobe light, positioning a strip light at the top of your wardrobe will highlight everything that’s in that door. 

Illuminate special items with wardrobe shelf lighting

Do you have an all-time favourite pair of shoes? A designer handbag you can’t get enough of? Displaying your special item on a shelf with LED wardrobe lighting will make your storage feel luxurious and will showcase your prized possessions even when you’re not wearing them. 


Add sensor lights to a sliding wardrobe

Adding automatic wardrobe lights to a sliding wardrobe creates the ultimate modern storage solution. Simply glide open your space-saving sliding door and have your interior illuminated instantly. 

How to install LED strip lights in your wardrobe

LED wardrobe lights come with magnetic strips, so they can be easily installed and positioned. Simply stick a magnetic pad onto your shelf and clip your light to it. When the light is ready to charge, you can detach it from the magnet and plug it in the charging cable
If you’re choosing a fully fitted wardrobe from Spaceslide, light fitting is included in our professional wardrobe installation. Just tell our expert where you’d like it and they’ll do the rest!

Shop our LED wardrobe lights today to enhance your storage solution. If you’d like any help or guidance, get in touch with a member of our team or find a wardrobe showroom near you.

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