FITTED WARDROBES Bespoke wardrobes and storage systems

Our custom fitted wardrobes are the perfect way to maximise space.

No matter the size of your home, the dimensions of your room or the contours of your living space, fitted wardrobes provide the ideal solution for storage in a stylish, and cost-effective way. We can help you tailor your sliding door wardrobe storage solutions and blend them seamlessly with your interiors for a made-to-measure fit.

The key advantage of fitted wardrobes is how easily they can be customised to your needs, with bespoke features both inside and out. You have the option of selecting colours, styles and materials including glass door sliding wardrobes and wood panel sliding doors, as well as internal features. Considering extra shelving or rail space, or perhaps tailored storage for a vast shoe collection or equipment? You can quite literally customise your fitted wardrobes at every stage. 

At Spaceslide we create your bespoke wardrobes by perfectly measuring the space in your room and designing a made-to-measure fitted wardrobe for you using our configurator. You’re then able to select from timeless and contemporary finishes that are perfect for bedrooms, guest rooms and any other part of your home.

  1. The advantages of fitted wardrobes

    • Help maximise space
    • Can be customised both inside and out
    • Versatile for all interior types and future decor changes
    • More efficient in terms of installation and daily use
    • There’s options available for every type of budget 
    • Are an added investment towards the value of your home 



    Fitted wardrobe
  2. Why fitted sliding wardrobes?

    All of our fitted wardrobes come with sliding doors, which are better suited to smaller spaces.
    Traditional style wardrobes are one-size-fits-all and gaps above and below often leave room for additional clutter and the collection of dust, ruining the look and feel of a room. 
    Fitted wardrobes can be built to fit the height of a room so that you’re maximising all of the available wall space, while sliding doors omit space lost to doors which open outwards. Likewise, mirrored doors can make a smaller space look larger, and serve as a full-length mirror without having to sacrifice further floorspace. 
    We help maximise every millimetre with space solutions for even the most awkward corners of your home including high ceilings, alcoves, sloped walls and compact closet spaces. Additionally, our wardrobes look just as stylish when open, and offer greater flexibility when it comes to installation and storage. 
    Fitted wardrobe
  3. Custom Interiors

    If you’re searching for a custom interior as well as a design that suits your taste, you can choose bespoke shelving and storage systems that suit your lifestyle, too. Our fitted wardrobe interiors allow you to organise and declutter all of your belongings, making them much easier to find. 
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  4. Why Choose Spaceslide?

    We have over 40 years’ experience in providing affordable bespoke solutions for storage, including fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture.  

    Speak to our team today to find out more about our fitted wardrobe solutions. We offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our products as well as the option for installation and free delivery. 

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