Real Bedroom Makeovers

Considering fitted wardrobes but need more inspiration? Take a look at our real bedroom makeovers by Spaceslide customers to see how a bespoke storage system can transform your space. 

Not only does a wardrobe have a big impact on the decor of a room - making choosing the right colour and design crucial - it also helps keep the room clutter-free, so there’s plenty of room to style it without having to think about where to put necessities. 

Our team of design experts work with our customers to come up with a wardrobe that’s suited to their exact needs. From the way they hang their clothes to the way they want their bedroom to make you feel, each Spaceslide wardrobe is completely customised.
We worked with influencer and former Made in Chelsea star, Tiffany Watson, to create storage spaces throughout her home. We helped her create a beautiful, functional dressing room as well as three fitted wardrobes, so she was super organised for her growing family. 

Pete and Sue came to Spaceslide as their 1970s home had lots of awkward spaces that they felt they weren’t getting the most use out of. Our bespoke fitted wardrobes meant they were able to enhance their space and put every inch to good use.

Our design experts helped customers, Tracy and Andrew, to completely transform their bedrooms with chic panelled wardrobes. This bedroom makeover completely modernised their home, while still maintaining their farmhouse charm.