Internal Glass Doors  

Internal Glazed Doors to Brighten Your Space

Glass doors transform the interior of your home to create a chic, open and contemporary feel. Whether it’s a frameless glass door that’s custom fit to your wall or sliding glass door to be used as a room partition, we design options that will blend seamlessly with your home’s interiors. As well as glass doors, we have more room dividers to choose from too.

Select an internal glazed door from our range of glass doors to let in light whilst smoothly separating your home’s boundaries. Available in clear or frosted glass finish, you can choose from hinged and sliding glass doors made from toughened or laminated safety glass and stainless steel hardware. Create a light, bright, open look in your home with internal glass doors from Spaceslide.

Installation of our interior glass doors is quick and straightforward with a 10-year product guarantee so you can feel assured of the high quality of our products. Like our fitted wardrobes, our glass doors are made in the UK and backed by our price match promise.

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  • Clear Glass Door 678mm

    Clear Glass Door 678mm

    Our frameless doors are designed to fit easily into standard door frames, making them a quick and simple way to make a big difference to your home. With clear glass letting light flood in, these doors are ideal for creating a bright, modern space.
    From: £371 .54
  • Translucent Glass Door 678mm

    Translucent Glass Door 678mm

    Letting light in without compromising privacy, our sandblasted doors add a touch of contemporary style to your home. As these doors are designed especially to fit into standard door frames, installation is quick and straightforward!
    From: £395 .38
  • Translucent Glass Door 754mm

    Translucent Glass Door 754mm

    Designed to fit into your existing door frames, our frameless doors are an easy way to give your home a completely new look. Sandblasted glass is ideal for maintaining privacy, while making your space appear instantly brighter and more contemporary.
    From: £447 .25
  • Clear Glass Door 754mm

    Clear Glass Door 754mm

    Allowing natural light to flow through your home, our clear frameless doors are a great way to create a bright and open feel in any space. These doors are available in a selection of sizes and finishes, and are designed to fit easily into standard door frames.
    From: £447 .25
  • Clear Sliding Glass Door 840mm

    Clear Sliding Glass Door 840mm

    Our clear glass sliding doors are the ultimate in contemporary household style, helping to create a bright and airy space. Complete with solid stainless steel hardware and straightforward DIY instructions, your new doors are quick and easy to install. Handles available in a satin silver finish.
    From: £531 .67
  • Translucent Sliding Glass Door 840mm

    Translucent Sliding Glass Door 840mm

    With a contemporary sandblasted finish, our frameless sliding doors let light flood in while also protecting your privacy. Complete with all fixings and DIY instructions, they're easy and quick to install, and are complemented by solid stainless steel hardware. Handles available in a satin silver finish.
    From: £563 .63

About our Sliding Glass Doors

Elevate your living spaces with internal sliding glass doors from Spaceslide, meticulously designed to maximise your room’s space and light. All of our glass doors are frameless for a minimalist look, making it perfect for spaces where you want to limit clutter and create a clean cut interior. Choose between clear and glazed doors, and get sleek silver tracks and handles included. Our glass doors haven’t just been designed with style in mind, they’ve been engineered for complete durability and precision, ensuring smoothness and stability with every use. 


Why Choose a Sliding Glass Door?

Opting for a sliding glass door over a traditional hinged glass door has many benefits. If you don’t want to cut off your separate rooms completely, sliding glass doors can allow you to have an open plan feel as and when you choose. Sliding glass doors also require no swing-space, making them exceptionally space-efficient, perfect for areas with spatial constraints. Similar to room dividers, sliding glass doors are great for larger openings, facilitating a smooth flow between spaces and making them an ideal choice for those who enjoy a contemporary aesthetic and a functional, airy ambiance. 

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About our Hinged Glass Doors

Our hinged glass doors function just like any internal door, but their chic transparent material makes them a much more stylish option. Frameless with silver handles and hinges, a glass door creates a beautiful minimalist look, enhancing the room’s light and space. Choose between clear and translucent glass, depending on how much connectivity you’d like between the two. Unlike traditional solid doors, internal glass doors invite natural light through spaces, creating an ambiance that feels open and inviting. 

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Why Choose a Hinged Glass Door?

Choosing a glass door over a solid wood door can add extra style and brightness into your home. The transparent elegance of these doors ensures that your living spaces maintain a sense of continuity while still providing the option to create distinct zones as needed. Meanwhile the absence of frames reduces unnecessary clutter and obstruction, so your decor is able to look simple and clean-cut. 

Hinged glass doors also provide a practical solution for those who may have spatial constraints that limit the use of sliding doors. The traditional swing motion of hinged doors requires less wall space, making them an ideal choice for areas where you need to savour space for bedroom furniture. Whether you’re looking for a modern style or require a functional and airy ambiance, our internal glass doors offer a stylish and versatile solution for your living spaces.

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