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Loft Wardrobes and Eaves Storage    

Enhance your attic space with stylish loft wardrobes and eaves storage

Whether you’re completely transforming your space with a loft conversion or you just need new wardrobes for your current attic bedroom, you’ll find your ideal storage solution from Spaceslide. Work with our expert designers to create custom, built-in loft wardrobes and under-eaves storage that’s completely tailored to your taste and space. 

Sloping ceilings and eaves may seem restrictive, but actually they offer a whole host of storage opportunities. You can choose to section off your sloped section with a room divider to create a walk-in wardrobe, or you can install fitted wardrobes to the slope itself using wall liners. You can also choose from a range of wardrobe interiors, including multi-height rails and drawer towers, to ensure you make the most of every inch of your loft wardrobe. 

Get in touch with a member of our team or visit one of our showrooms to start creating your perfect attic wardrobes. We’ll take the size and shape of your attic into consideration and will help you come up with a solution that’s stylish, space-saving and functional. 

Loft wardrobe ideas to maximise your attic space

There are many different configurations to consider when thinking about loft wardrobes and under-eaves storage. Every loft is different, and it’s important to use space efficiently so that every inch is put to good use. To help you choose the best attic wardrobe for you, take a look at some of our favourite eaves storage solutions below.

Fitted wardrobes on a sloping ceiling

Choose any product from our fitted wardrobe or sliding wardrobe door range and get it built into your slanted ceiling with the help of our wall liners. It creates a finish that’s so clean-cut, you’ll barely even notice whether the ceiling’s sloped or not.
Loft Wardrobes

Create a loft walk-in wardrobe with room dividers

Room dividers give you the option to completely section off parts of your attic to create a beautiful walk-in loft wardrobe. This option is particularly good for very low ceilings because it allows you to fill this section with internal storage, like shoe racks or drawers.

Loft Wardrobes

Add drawers to your under eaves storage 

Using both wardrobes and drawers in your eaves storage is another great way to make the most out of a particularly low ceiling. By choosing drawers that are the same finish as your wardrobes, you’ll create a seamless look that’s perfectly blended into the shape of your attic.

Loft Wardrobes


Create an under eaves storage wall

If it’s general attic storage you’re after rather than loft wardrobes, a feature wall with shelving and drawers is ideal. You can create an under eaves storage wall by picking the exact components you need to fit your space, whether that’s floating shelves, drawer stacks, rails or shoe racks.

For more loft wardrobe inspiration, chat to a member of our team or take a look at some of our real bedroom makeovers. We helped transform Tiffany Watson’s loft walk-in wardrobe with custom-built interiors. 



Why should you add wardrobes to your loft conversion?

Investing in additional storage, such as loft wardrobes, is one of the main methods of adding value to your home. Did you know that 66% of house hunters would consider paying more for a home with good storage solutions? With space so in demand, it is important to make the most of your assets.


How much do loft wardrobes cost?

The cost of loft wardrobes depend on which storage configuration you opt for. Loft fitted wardrobes start at around £800 while room dividers cost around £1,300. You can also use internal components for an affordable eaves storage solution, as hanger bars start at just £16. 

How do I build fitted wardrobes in a loft?

Fitted loft wardrobes can be achieved in a variety of ways. The most common is to fit sliding wardrobes to the sloping ceiling by using wall liners. Another popular choice is to section off the sloping area by attaching sliding doors to the level part of the ceiling. 

How do I build eaves storage?

You can build eaves storage by choosing compartments such as shelves, drawers, rails and shoe racks that fit into the sloped space. That way, you can achieve storage no matter how low the ceiling. 


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