Maximising Storage in Tiffany Watson’s Home

Tiffany McGeehan


Home, lifestyle influencer and former Made in Chelsea cast member Tiffany Watson transformed the space in her bedrooms to maximise storage and space for her growing family. We worked with Tiffany and her husband Cameron in their beautiful late Victorian home in West London to create clever and stylish storage solutions for the master bedroom and guest bedrooms.


What did Tiffany and Cameron need?

With their first baby on the way, Tiffany and Cameron wanted to transform the storage space in their house so that there was plenty of space for their new arrival. Organisation was key, but it was also important for the rooms to remain minimalistic and stylish. Their home is beautifully bright and airy, and they wanted their additional storage to maintain this look. 

What did Spaceslide do?

The team at Spaceslide worked with Tiffany and Cameron to create bespoke storage solutions in their master bedrooms and guest bedrooms. 

For their master bedroom, we utilised space in their bedroom to create a customised dressing room area, creating an ideal storage space for clothes, shoes and accessories, maximising space and creating a floor to ceiling storage space. 


Tiffany McGeehan

Tiffany McGeehan

Tiffany McGeehan   Tiffany McGeehan

When working with our customers on a project like this, we first like to assess what they want their storage priorities to be. For example, does the customer have more shoes than clothes, or vice versa? Do they prefer their clothes hung or folded? Do they have a lot of bags or accessories that need to be stored? Gaining knowledge on these questions helps us decide how we build their storage solutions. By doing this, we were able to ensure that Tiffany and Cameron could make the most of every inch of their wardrobe. 

As well as a dressing room, the couple also opted for one of our fitted wardrobes in each of their guest bedrooms. They selected our Deluxe Shaker Style doors in Stone Grey, with full panel Stone Grey wood along with our classic style interiors, creating a modern yet timeless design that complemented the character of the house.

Tiffany McGeehan

Tiffany McGeehan Tiffany McGeehan

What did our customers have to say?

We caught up with Tiffany post-installation to see how she was getting on in her new space.

Were you wanting to achieve anything specific when designing your wardrobe? 
We wanted to utilise the space to maximise storage. Our house had high ceilings so it’s great to be able to build all the way up, plus the sliding doors help with utilising space too.

Why did you choose Spaceslide? 

The fact they have such a quick lead time was such a plus for me, from design appointment to install in just under 5 weeks!  With our last renovation we were literally waiting months and months for our wardrobes so the quick turnaround as well as being able to design the wardrobes to suit your needs is amazing. 

• What was your space like before your transformation? 
It was incredibly old and run down. It needed everything doing to it and a complete re vamp!

How would you describe your interior style? 
 We love modern and industrial but also tried to incorporate a country feel in some elements and tried to keep some original features where possible. We loved how there were so many colour and finish options at Spaceslide, we were able to really tailor our wardrobes to suit our style.

What’s the best thing about your new space? 
I love everything about it!  Our wardrobes are practical and stylish, we are using the space much more effectively in our bedrooms and we really do have a place for everything! 

If you’d like to find out how we can help transform your space, browse our sliding wardrobes and fitted wardrobes online, or visit us at one of our showrooms today.