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Alcove Wardrobes

Make the most of every inch of space with bespoke alcove wardrobes

Want to create beautiful built-in wardrobes around your chimney breast? With alcove wardrobes from Spaceslide, you can get a chic and functional storage solution that’s seamlessly tailored to your specific space. Whether you’d like your wardrobe to cover the chimney breast or you’d like to turn the alcove into a wardrobe, your design can be fully customised to your needs.

Alcove wardrobes have the ability to transform otherwise awkward spaces into fully functionable storage solutions. By perfectly fitting into the recessed areas of a wall, an alcove fitted wardrobe makes the most of all available space, allowing the addition of both style and organisation to your room. You can even add custom wardrobe interiors to enhance your alcove wardrobes further, such as shelving, shoe racks and LED lighting

To start creating your alcove fitted wardrobe, get in touch with one of our design experts or visit our showrooms. Alternatively, you can design your own wardrobe online and choose from a range of different styles and colours. 

Bedroom Alcove Wardrobe Ideas 

There are so many ways to style your bedroom alcove wardrobes, from adding sleek sliding doors to integrating a handy home office. Take a look at some of our favourite alcove wardrobe ideas below. 


Built-In Alcove Wardrobes
Create a seamless and sophisticated look by installing sliding wardrobe doors to cover your alcoves. This will maximise storage while maintaining a clean and uncluttered bedroom.


Open Shelving Showcase
Turn your alcove into a stylish display by incorporating open shelving units within the wardrobe. Offering both storage and decor, open alcove wardrobes will allow you to showcase your favourite items. 


Mirrored Alcove Wardrobes 
Opt for mirrored doors on your alcove wardrobe to visually expand your space and add more light into your bedroom. This design is perfect for smaller rooms.


Integrated Home Office
Combine functionality by integrating a desk into your alcove wardrobe design. Not only will you have storage for clothing, you’ll also have a handy dedicated workspace.

Double Alcove Wardrobes
If you have twin alcoves flanking a central space, consider installing matching wardrobes on both sides for a balanced and symmetrical layout.

How to build a wardrobe in an alcove

Turning an alcove into a wardrobe is simpler than you might think. Once you’ve designed and ordered your wardrobe, you can either install the wardrobe yourself or you can get it professionally installed with Spaceslide. 

If you’re building the alcove wardrobe yourself, you’ll first need to install the tracks to the ceiling and floor of your alcove. Then add shelves, hanging rods, and drawers as needed to your alcove, depending on your storage preferences. Finish by fixing onto your doors, and blend gaps with any necessary wall liners or height reducers. 

With a bit of planning and some basic tools, you can have a functional and space-saving alcove wardrobe ready in no time.

How to make sloping ceiling alcove wardrobes

Here at Spaceslide, no space is too tricky. Even if you have alcoves under a sloping ceiling, you can still create beautiful built-in wardrobes. You’ll just need wall liners to attach the top of the wardrobe doors to the slope. Take a look at our loft wardrobes and under stairs storage for more inspiration. 


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