Living Room Storage & Wall Units

Organise your living room with sleek storage units from Spaceslide

With our bespoke living room storage units, you can create a stylish and clutter-free space you love spending time in. Choose from a range of shelving, drawer towers and doors to build your very own living room cabinet that’s as functional as it is fashionable.

Our made to measure units and mix and match components allow you to tailor your living room storage to your exact needs. You’ll find a solution for even the most awkward spaces, from tall storage cabinets for living rooms with high ceilings to units that fit perfectly in alcoves

It’s up to you where you place your storage in your living room, whether you’re looking for shelving that’s fixed to your walls, free standing drawers, or a mix of the two. Our shelving and drawer towers work well as a room divider, beautifully enhancing the cohesion of your living room design. 

Design your dream living room storage unit today by using our online configurator or getting in touch with our design experts. We also have showrooms across the UK, so you can get a feel for our designs before you buy.

Living Room Storage Ideas

When thinking about your ideal living room storage design, it is crucial to choose something that not only meets your immediate needs but also seamlessly integrates into your everyday routine. Your choice should resonate with your lifestyle, ensuring practicality and functionality for years to come. Your living room is the heart of your home, so your storage should be both versatile and durable. 

Whether it's storing entertainment essentials, books, or personal belongings, opting for a design that reflects your lifestyle ensures that the living room remains a welcoming and organised space. Take a look at some of our favourite living room storage ideas that you’re sure to get plenty of use out of:

Living Room Wall Units

Living room wall units are versatile storage solutions that combine shelving, cabinets and drawers into one cohesive piece of furniture, providing plenty of storage space while also serving as a focal point in the room's design.

Room Divider Storage 

Room divider storage units not only divide the living space effectively, but also offer additional storage for books, decorative items, or even a mini home office, maximising functionality in open-plan living areas.
Home office

Under Stairs Storage 

Under stairs storage utilises the space beneath staircases, providing a clever solution for storing items like shoes, coats, or household essentials. It’s a great way of using every inch of available space in the living room. 

Loft sliding doors

Wardrobes as Living Room Storage 

Integrating fitted wardrobes into the living room design offers concealed storage for items like blankets, board games, or media equipment, while also adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space. 


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