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    Top tips for designing your child's bedroom

    Designing your child’s bedroom is a joy, but it can also be a challenge – especially when their needs, and indeed their tastes, change as they go through the many stages of development.

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    Modern Colours for Contemporary Living

    In 2017, interior design trends as predicted by Behr are being stripped back – inspired by you, your personality and style, and the world we live in. Spaceslide’s resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, reveals how to update your home for 2017.

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  • 09

    The Bronze and Copper Trend

    Bronze and copper accessories were one of the most popular design trends from 2016, loved for the warming and sophisticated effect they bring, whatever the space. Compared to clinical chrome, its rosy hues stand out against an array of colours, and is easily incorporated into a variety of interior schemes, from Scandinavian luxe to LA cool

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    Bedroom Furniture Trends of 2016

    Your bedroom is for downtime; a relaxing haven where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. When you get home from work, you don’t want to think about the long, hard day you’ve had, you want to be spirited away.

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  • 06

    The Cost of Fitted Wardrobes

    Installing your own bespoke wardrobe is an exciting prospect. However, when considering fitting made-to-measure sliding doors, are you put off because you believe a bespoke solution might prove too costly? In actual fact, sliding wardrobe doors shouldn’t break the bank, as long as you are prepared for any associated costs.

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    sliding door lifestyle

    Working Wardrobe

    Last year, uniform and work wear experts, Simon Jersey, found that one in five workers have been reprimanded by their boss for inappropriate work wear.

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    Middle ages

    A Brief History of Wardrobes

    So we all know what a wardrobe is: a large cupboard with hanging space and very possibly some drawers or shelves, all purpose-designed to house our clothes. But where do wardrobes come from? Let’s take a trip back in time to see when the wardrobe first came into existence…

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    GUEST BLOG: Dressing better in your 50's

    Guest blogger, Michael Adams from men’s fashion and lifestyle blog Michael84 shares his advice for looking stylish in your 50s.

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  • 05

    10 items for the perfect capsule wardrobe

    In this week’s blog, we look at those essential, must-have items you need to create your very own capsule wardrobe.

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