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    Top tips for designing your child's bedroom

    Designing your child’s bedroom is a joy, but it can also be a challenge – especially when their needs, and indeed their tastes, change as they go through the many stages of development.

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    Fitted wardrobe ideas

    Fitted wardrobe ideas: storage, colours and styles

    A fitted wardrobe should be a well thought out investment, so here are our fitted wardrobe ideas to help you create your perfect bespoke wardrobe.

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    Using colour blocks

    Trends for 2018: Colour-blocking trend

    Incorporating the top trends into your interior design doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re giving you the low-down on the up and coming trends for this year, allowing you to focus on incorporating them in to the home. And if you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your interiors, then this year’s colour-blocking trend is the method for you!

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    60 Minute Makeover

    Hands up if you saw us this week on Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover! Yes, you heard us correctly, our installers’ fitted not just one, but two of our sliding wardrobe door designs in two different projects for the inspirational home make-over show.

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    Signature Cashmere Nordic Teal

    2018 Colour Trend: Sage green

    At Spaceslide, we are passionate about bringing you the most up-and-coming trends in interior design, giving you a glimpse of what to expect for the year ahead, as well as showcasing how to incorporate them into your bedroom. And for 2018, there’s a new colour trend in town…

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    Cool bedroom decor ideas 2018

    Redesigning any room in the house can be seen as a chore. But with a few, simple changes here and there, you can easily achieve a fresh, updated feel. Treat your bedroom to a makeover and give it a new look for the New Year. Take a look at our cool bedroom decorating ideas and be inspired!

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    Glass Doors

    Frosted glass doors aren't just for Christmas

    Allow the glistening winter sunlight to shine through your home, whilst giving it a stylish update with frosted glass doors. Our resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, offers his advice on making this trend part of your home décor…

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    Sliding door kitchen

    Where to use sliding doors

    Our resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, discusses how to incorporate modern sliding doors into your home and explains how they can transform the light and space…

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    Mirror doors

    Small wardrobes - storage solutions for small bedrooms

    When it comes to kitting out the smaller rooms in the house, it can be a challenge to find furniture that is appropriate. You want to ensure the furniture will fit comfortably, whilst avoiding overcrowding the room. And this is especially true for small wardrobes in bedrooms.

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