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The Beauty of Floor to Ceiling Mirrors

Do you want your bedroom to be lighter and feel more spacious?

Floor to Ceiling Mirrors

Why not try a very simple yet effective solution: a floor-to-ceiling-mirror?

As well as looking incredible and making a striking design statement, floor to ceiling mirrors can give the illusion of space by adding visual depth, as well as reflecting natural light. You can also add to this with colour, interior design features and accessories, all of which can add even more dimensions to your bedroom.  If you create a wardrobe wall, this will also give you added space behind your mirror – especially if you include a premium storage kit  inside your wardrobe. Andy Briggs, Interior Designer at Spaceslide explains how you can transform your bedroom on a budget.


A statement mirror is an easy way of creating an interesting, stylish focal point on your bedroom. However, it’s worth going neutral on the colour scheme as the reflection of a mirror can make bright colours overpowering. Stone, grey, blue, fawn and white are all muted, natural tones that help create reflections and allow even more light into your space. These soft colours also mean you can add more accessories: cushions and throws won’t get swallowed up and can add a stylish edge.


Accessories are a great way to add another dimension to your room. Slate silver and metallic tones look glamorous and add that final sparkle.  A silver photo frame, jewellery tree, bedside table or metallic knobs for your bedside cabinet can add finesse. If you choose to go with a fawn colour scheme, bronze is more stylish than gold and will tone beautifully, as will wooden furniture. With either colour scheme, a throw over your bed, in either grey or fawn, can add that final touch. These metallic tones will also help with reflecting light, whether it is artificial or natural.



Key to installing floor-to-ceiling wardrobes is also keeping clutter to a minimum. Include storage towers inside your wardrobe and store all your clothing and shoes in there to maximum space in the bedroom itself.  On another note, who doesn’t feel better in a cleaner room? If all the clutter is behind your mirror, in your wardrobe stored neatly, you’ll feel more organised in your day-to-day life.

The beauty of floor-to-ceiling mirrors is that they can add more than you thought they could to your bedroom.  The oversized mirror draws the eye upwards and accentuates the height of your ceilings. Furthermore, if positioned directly opposite a window, a mirror can maximise the light in your room and illuminate the dark spaces that were there before.

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