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Floor to ceiling wardrobes

Floor to ceiling grey fitted wardrobe in bedroom

Fitted floor-to-ceiling wardrobes often get all the limelight for their good looks, and rightly so. A well-thought out walk-in wardrobe, or a colour-co-ordinated set of sliding wardrobe doors can compliment a home perfectly, bringing a timeless look to your room. Fitted wardrobes aren’t just about looks however, at Spaceslide we’re always talking about creating more space with them. By their very nature, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes take up the height of your bedroom, maximising space perfectly and clearing clutter out of the way for good! Here are some benefits of maximising space with a floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobe.

Free up your room for additional furniture

Maximising space with a fitted wardrobe doesn’t just hold the benefit of being able to stash everything away in neat wardrobe interior storage systems, it also means having new space free in the rest of the room. With those washing baskets and shoe racks now neatly organised inside your floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, why not add in some additional bedroom furniture, such as a chest of drawers or a bedside unit?

More room for colour-co-ordinated ornaments and stylish touches

With our range of sliding wardrobe doors available in a selection of on-trend and timeless colours, you can match our wardrobes to any existing decorative style. If you have an interior design style already planned out and in place in your bedroom, then buying a new floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is a perfect excuse to match it together and introduce new decorative touches to your room with the new space available.

If, for example, you’ve managed to open up new space in your bedroom with a new duck egg blue sliding wardrobe, then why not pick up some blue accessories to fill in the gaps where your clutter once was?

You can show off your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe

With your new space cleared up, and floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in place, you can proudly show off your carefully planned new room to guests, family and friends. No longer will the bedroom feel like an ‘off-bounds’ place where coats, shoes and other odds and ends are hastily stashed away when visitors arrive - you can now smile when you open your wardrobe interior to show off your neat shoe collection and organised clothing.

We can help you find the perfect floor-to-ceiling wardrobe

With so many options available at Spaceslide, from colour-co-ordinated sliding doors to customisable interiors, there’s a fitted wardrobe to suit everybody and every lifestyle. Get in touch with our experts today and we can help you find the perfect wardrobe.