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Walk in wardrobe designs: How to design your own

For many of us, a walk-in wardrobe has always been that far-fetched option we’ve always dreamed of. But there is a common misconception that you must either need lots of money or lots of space to achieve the ‘walk-in’ fantasy.


Yet, with the right layout and a clever storage solution, you can easily create a walk-in wardrobe and make your dream become a reality.

To create the ultimate luxury bedroom feature, follow our simple steps to create your bespoke walk-in wardrobe… 

Pick the perfect spot

A walk-in wardrobe design needs to be large enough to home your belongings, but doesn’t need to take up lots of precious space. In reality, all you need is a minimum depth of 1.2m, which makes a walk-in option available to almost any bedroom, or a different room in the house, without dramatically reducing the space.

Partition the space for your walk-in wardrobe design

The next decision is how to partition your chosen space. Either sliding or hinged doors can be used, but we’d recommend sliding doors. In particular, mirrored sliding doors can double up as a full-length mirror which reflect light around the room, making it appear larger than it actually is. Sliding doors also help maximise the available space and give you a sleek, contemporary look.

Add some style

For extra glamour, opt for mirrored sliding doors. Not only will it add a level of luxury, but it will also reflect light around the room, making it appear larger. Our Signature range offers a choice of Grey, Bronze, or Silver mirrored doors, giving your bedroom the stylish finish it deserves.

Walk in wardrobe 

Get hands on

Now that the planning is complete and your doors have been delivered, you’ll need to grab your toolbox and get stuck in with the DIY! Download the Spaceslide step-by-step installation guides for straightforward instructions: Or, if you would prefer to have someone do the job for you, take a look at our professional installation service.

Select your storage

Carefully consider what storage you are likely to need. For example, double height hanger bars are ideal for shirts at eye level, with trousers below. If you have long dresses, then opt for single height hanger bars, or maybe even floor-to-ceiling shoe racks for those who cannot resist another pair of heels. Modular storage, such as Spaceslide’s Signature Storage Systems, have been crafted with design and functionality in mind, offering complete flexibility just for you.

All that is left to do is add those personal touches to your walk-in wardrobe. Style your space with appropriate lighting and soft furnishings – and you’ll truly feel like an A-lister! 

For more information on Spaceslide products or installation service, call 0800 980 3499 or visit

How to Order Your Spaceslide Wardrobe

Measure, Design, Order

  1. 1

    Measure the space in your room

    Use our helpful guide to make sure your wardrobe doors fit your space perfectly.

    Guide to Measuring
  2. 2

    Design your style using our configurator

    There are no hidden costs or surprises with our tool that allows you to view the price in real-time as you build your design.

    Design Your Wardrobe
  3. 3
    Place your order

    Place your order & get it installed

    Use our online design tool to create your bespoke sliding wardrobes and order them for direct delivery. Or you can take advantage of our complete survey, design and installation service.