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The Greenest and Most Affordable Regions for Homebuyers in England

From 5% deposits to stamp duty holidays, there’s a lot to entice people to start their property hunt right now. While we may be gradually easing out of lockdown, the pandemic has changed what we look for in a property, leaving a lasting legacy that is set to continue.

As cities and towns shut down, Brits flocked to the great outdoors. Travel restrictions made having beaches, countryside and green spaces on your doorstep more important than ever. 

Now that proximity to green spaces is a key consideration for property buyers, we’ve crunched the numbers to reveal which regions offer the best value for money in your search to live closer to nature. 

The Regions Where You Can Get The Most Green Space For Your Money

On average, towns and cities in England have access to parks, public gardens and playing fields totalling 346,330m² - the equivalent of almost 65 football pitches. 

For each region, we’ve highlighted the locations that offer more green space than this, and analysed how property prices compare to the region’s average home value. 

You’ll find an overview in the following table, as well as a more detailed region-by-region breakdown below:




East Midlands

Searching for a new property in the East Midlands? Homes in areas that offer above average green space are, on average, £9,884 below the regional average. 

To get the most for your money, take a look at Nottingham. Here you can enjoy the third highest green space size in the region, while saving an average of £52,084 on property prices compared to the regional average (£215,046).

East of England

The East of England has plenty of choice, with 17 locations offering above average green space. It will likely come at a cost, however, as the average price of houses in these areas is £32,540 higher than the regional average (£310,912).

For best value for money, start searching in Peterborough. Offering the second largest amount of green space in the East of England (247 pitches-worth), Peterborough also offers the second best savings at £114,780 below the regional average. 


Renowned for its hefty property prices, London offers the worst value for money in England. Londoners can typically expect to fork out an additional £35,023 to live closer to nature. 

Homebuyers who want to combine capital city life with green space access should try Barking and Dagenham. Here you can enjoy the vast 732,463m² of green space - equivalent to 137 football pitches - blissful in the knowledge that you saved up to £178,119 on your home against regional average prices.

North East

Almost half of all areas in the North East promise above average sized green space. However, house prices in these locations are around £11,998 more than the regional average. 

If you want to get the most for your money, refine your property search to South Tyneside. You can enjoy the fifth largest amount of green space in the region while saving around £2,954 on your new home. At 464,516m², that’s the same as 87 football pitches!

North West

The North West offers some of the best value for money locations in England for green space. You can stand to save around £16,393 compared to the regional average house price! 

For the best value for money, property hunters should narrow their scope to Liverpool. This urban hub is also home to 602,929m² of public greenery (equivalent to 113 football pitches). House prices come in at £35,403 under the regional average. 

South East

The regional average property price in the South East is £341,007. In areas with lots of green space nearby, you may have to fork out an additional £29,035 for your home! 

However, in Hastings you can live next to 1,042,400m² (195 football pitches) of green space and pay £120,364 less than the regional average.

South West

In the South West, houses in areas offering plentiful green space are typically £45,696 below the region’s overall average.

To get the most out of this region’s property price savings, check out Gloucester. Promising the third largest combined green space size in the region (409,695m² or 77 football pitches), homes are around £68,960 below the region’s average.

West Midlands

The West Midlands is the only region in England where the area offering the most green space also offers the best value for money! Cannock Chase boasts an enormous 1,624,117m² of public greenery (that’s 304 football pitches), while properties average £31,005 less than the regional average! 

Yorkshire & The Humber

While the South West comes first for value for money, Yorkshire & The Humber is a close second. Properties in areas offering above average sized green spaces come in at £20,545 below Yorkshire’s regional average price (£182,907)

To get the most for your money, start browsing in Barnsley. Here you can roam 364,673m² (68 football pitches) of public greenery, while properties are a staggering £41,273 below regional prices, on average.

5% Deposits in Each Region

The 95% mortgage scheme - in which property buyers can purchase a house with a 5% deposit - was recently announced by the Chancellor. 

Attracting much interest as an affordable way for new buyers to get on the property ladder, we’ve calculated the 5% deposit you would need to buy a property in the areas that offer the best value for money green space access.

We’ve compared the figures to the average 5% deposit for the region, so you can see the difference.


If you are looking to move home, consider some of the above locations and find your perfect property close to abundant green space. Once you’ve found the right property, make it your dream home with Spaceslide and our selection of stylish fitted wardrobes.

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