The Great British Spring Clean: how to declutter your home

Friday 02nd March 2018

Despite the cold weather griping the country, the time has come to give your home a spruce up for spring, so why not join the nation during The Great British Spring Clean this weekend and put an end to ageing clutter and the ever-growing ‘floordrobe’ that has amounted by the end of the week. Whether it’s tackling the kids bedrooms or tending to the neglected home office, our top tips will help you to declutter your home and put a spring in your step!
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Firstly, confront the clutter. Take each room at a time and separate eveything into three piles: keep, storage, and donate. Follow the golden rule of getting rid of anything you haven’t used for the past six months – seasonal items aside – and you’ll be well on the way to recovering your precious space.

Invest in quality storage systems. Whether it’s for your bedroom or study, there is nothing worse than big, unslightly plastic boxes on display in your home. Our made-to-measure interior kits can be used inside your wardrobe to maximise your space, or used as a standalone piece of furniture in a study. By ensuring everything is placed neatly away in its designated home, you can easily decutter your home and you’ll also be less likley to keep adding unnecessary items to your collection as the year goes on. 


Reassess your furniture requirements to properly declutter your home. To make your home look as clutter-free as possib le, take a look at what unnecessary furniture you 

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Freeing up floor space is a great way to make a room look and feel bigger. Investing in some sliding wardrobe doors for your bedroom is a great way to maximise your space as they can be customised to fit your ever-growing shoe collection, but they can also be designed to complement your interiors, so you won’t need to redecorate your room. 

If you’re feeling inspired to update your bedroom with improved storage, then visit to create your dream wardrobe.