Loft wardrobes: Adding value to your home

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Investing in additional storage is one of the main methods of adding value to your home. Did you know that 66% of house hunters would consider paying more for a home with good storage solutions? With space so in demand, it is important make the most of your assets.
Loft wardrobes

An attic conversion is the ideal solution for striking the right balance in your home. It can be designed into a new bedroom that would open up the opportunity to install extra attic storage, adding significant value to your property.

Make the most of unused loft space with attic wardrobes

You may think that the areas under the sloping eaves are awkward and a waste of space, but with careful planning and some ingenuity, the space can open up a realm of possibilities. The key here is to go bespoke. Your loft is a unique space, so ordinary furniture won’t do the trick. Loft wardrobes should be designed to seamlessly fit into the contours of the room, filling every available space.

Loft wardrobes work best when they are made-to-measure and fitted with storage kits that meet your every requirement, whether that be a place to store extra clothing, or shelving to home dusty DVDs. In addition, sliding wardrobe doors can be cleverly installed to run alongside the sloped ceiling so that they utilise the floor-to-ceiling space.

Our sliding doors are custom-made to be the perfect fit for your loft wardrobe. Plus, they are available in a wide range of colours and finishes so you can achieve a sleek and stylish design.

Use our configurator tool to design and specify the perfect wardrobes for your loft or attic room today.

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