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Internal sliding glass doors. 3 Ways to optimise your living space

If you’re looking for an effective way of opening up your living space and allowing more light to flood in, look no further than glass doors and room dividers.

Translucent room divider

Spaceslide’s resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, explains how to make a big impact with glass, giving three clever ways to transform your interior space.

Internal glass doors

There was a time when living space was all about open-plan, but now escaping to snugs and sanctuaries are an important part of busy family life.

Glass doors are the architectural answer to this; making for the perfect entry to each room and allowing light in while simultaneously providing privacy. They also reduce noise without causing isolation, meaning family members can be unwinding in different rooms, but won’t be entirely cut off from each other.

Having all the benefits of open plan living, but allowing the option to close yourself off if you need a few hours to relax, is easy and doesn’t incur extensive labour costs. Glass doors are the perfect way to bring a room up to date, adding a contemporary twist, while keeping the family connected.


Sliding glass door

Glass room dividers

If you’re worried that broken-plan living might decrease the sense of interior space in your home, consider using glass room dividers as an alternative. They can be a striking interior feature and change the character of a room, instantly adding flexibility, style and elegance to your living space.

There are a myriad of ways you can use sliding door room dividers, apart from simply dividing up a bigger room into smaller areas. Have you considered creating extra storage space by using them to corner off the edge of a room, or creating a useful pantry in your kitchen? Installing glass doors in your hallway could be a great way of hiding muddy shoes and umbrellas. They can also make the perfect divide to your conservatory, allowing light to filter through and brighten up your whole home. 

Glass doors  

Glass sliding wardrobe doors

You can change your décor and colour palette as many times as you like glass sliding wardrobe doors are versatile and tone well with any colour you choose. Spaceslide mirrored glass sliding doors save you space by combining two furniture options. The mirror element adds depth to a room, while the doors themselves are bespoke and fit the space from the floor to ceiling, giving you even more storage space. Another plus is that sliding doors don’t open outwards, so you’ll have even more bedroom space at your disposal. You can even enhance the doors by choosing from a variety of coloured glass, adding your own individuality by injecting some colour and vibrancy into your bedroom.

Internal glass doors, room dividers and sliding wardrobe doors all provide a great design choice and practical solution for the modern family home.  Why not check out our Pinterest and Instagram channels for additional design inspiration?

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