Bedroom furniture ideas

Wednesday 27th June 2018

Three bedroom furniture ideas to refresh an old room

It’s that familiar feeling, life’s hectic schedule leaves your house in a constant state of flux, and it can feel as if things need a bit of a change. Here are three bedroom furniture ideas to refresh a tired-looking room.

Choose a set of sliding wardrobe doors to give your bedroom the minimalist makeover

Sliding wardrobe doors are one of the few quick fixes that can easily be implemented, giving your bedroom an instant makeover and creating some extra space.

Due to the mechanics of sliding doors, you won’t take up extra space when you open your doors along the front of your wardrobe. This may seem like a trivial point, but how many times have you wedged the wardrobe door open and it’s hit a bed, knocked into a cabinet or just felt as if it was in the way, taking up too much space?

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors make this a non-issue, making your room feel instantly breathable, open and easy to walk around. If you’ve got interior wardrobe storage as well, you can open your doors, easily view all of your belongings and navigate around your bedroom – perfect for times when you want to try clothes on or rearrange your items and have a clear-out!

View our complete range of sliding wardrobe doors here.

Create more space with a wardrobe interior fitting

Now that we mention wardrobe interiors, why not add-in a shelving unit, set of drawers, hangers or a combination of all three?

You’ll save space, find your clothing quicker and clear up extra clutter, so you can focus on the rest of your bedroom refresh (and the rest of your home for that matter!)  The good thing about our range of interior wardrobe fittings, is that there’s a piece of storage furniture for everyone. Whether you choose from our Standard, Premier or Signature wardrobe interior ranges, you can create more space by banishing clutter.

View our complete range of wardrobe interiors here.

Add mirrors to create space where there is none

Have you got a smaller bedroom? Are you working with a tight space? Wardrobes for small rooms can work well, especially mirrored wardrobes, as they help to reflect more light into the room, creating the illusion of space and giving an overall brighter, airier feel to a room.

Take a look through our full range of mirrored wardrobes, and add some extra brightness to your room to refresh your décor.

3 door single panel mirror