Where can I find fitted wardrobes near me

Friday 01st February 2019

If you’ve made the decision to invest in a fitted wardrobe, you’ve no doubt been looking online at different styles, interior fittings and setups.
Premium wardrobe

Perhaps you’ve spent some time at a friend’s house, where you’ve sized up their sliding wardrobe doors for inspiration.

Whichever way you’ve approached your next bedroom furniture purchase, you’re probably thinking it’s about time you went to a wardrobe showroom to see your dream wardrobe in the ‘flesh’, so to speak. Below, you’ll find a full list of the locations of our sliding wardrobe showrooms across the UK, as well as the benefits of viewing your wardrobe up close.

Our wardrobe showrooms

Our Spaceslide fitted wardrobe showrooms include locations all across the UK, the full list is here:

Hemel Hempstead wardrobe showroom

Lichfield wardrobe showroom

Farnham wardrobe showroom

Hale wardrobe showroom

Basingstoke wardrobe showroom

Swindon wardrobe showroom

Sheffield wardrobe showroom

Inside a spaceslide showroom

The benefits of viewing wardrobes in our showrooms

Not everyone needs to come and see their dream wardrobe on location, we get it. That’s why we made our online delivery service so easy, quick and secure. But for those who do wish to see their wardrobe before they purchase, our UK showrooms offer plenty of opportunity to get the most out of your wardrobe buying experience.

See our wardrobes in full colour

Firstly, you can see what our different colour ranges look like on a large scale. Yes, we offer samples that can be delivered to you in the post, and this is a fantastic way to put your shortlisted colour choices side by side to see which best suits your bedroom décor, but to see them on a physical wardrobe is a great way to see how the colour will look applied to the end product.

Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to help

Another benefit to visiting one of our wardrobe show rooms is our knowledgeable staff. Onsite, you’ll be greeted by our experts, who can talk you through the features of our wardrobes, offer installation advice and provide you with full details on our warranties. It’s also a good chance to receive any extra product information you might not necessarily have thought of before, which may result in you refining the details of your wardrobe, such as your interior configuration or layout.

Speak to us for more information

Whichever way you choose to buy your sliding wardrobe doors with us, we’re always here to offer more information should you need it. So feel free to get in touch with us online, as well as at our showrooms.