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The best bedroom styles for 2020

With a new year often comes a new look, a fresh start. Sometimes it’s in the form of starting a new fitness routine, job or cutting out certain indulgences. Other times however, a fresh start means a home makeover, and whilst not always on show for everyone, the bedroom should never be overlooked.

Cashmere and nordic teal

Switch up your wardrobe colour

Wardrobes are functional pieces of furniture for bedrooms. They hold clothes, we get it. But is that really all that wardrobes are today? We don’t think so. In fact, we’d argue that bespoke, luxury fitted wardrobes are as much a stylistic choice as they are a space-saving one.

With enough natural, timeless colour choices to match a broad range of home décor bedroom styles, our bedroom furniture range at Spaceslide includes, amongst many more: Duck Egg, Nordic Teal ­and Blush Pink. We also stock natural wood finishes, such as Mild Walnut and Cape Elm, as well as updating our seasonal trends all the time – so keep a look out for our new styles!

Sliding wardrobe doors compliment every bedroom style

Another way to transform the look of your bedroom is to utilise a set of sliding wardrobe doors. Sliding wardrobe doors add a subtle sleekness to the look of your room, as well as saving you space due to the horizontal opening of the doors - perfect for a new year’s makeover and a de-clutter.

Combined with a suitable wardrobe interior unit, a sliding door wardrobe increases your bedroom’s storage capacity, whilst giving it a modern makeover that feels significant enough to refresh your outlook on the room.

Signature walk in wardrobe

Our sliding wardrobe doors are manufactured in the UK, crafted using home-grown materials. We produce our products here because we know that by being hands-on at every stage, we can ensure that you’re getting a premium product at every level. 

Reflect on your room for the illusion of more space

We’re not talking about a moment of contemplation here, when we say ‘reflect’, we mean it literally. By installing a set of mirrored sliding wardrobe doors, you can reflect the room back on itself, expanding the illusion of space. You’re essentially creating an environment that feels more open, lighter and gives you the feeling of more space without the extra cost of an extension.

Looking to refresh your bedroom style for the new year? If you need any help and advice on our products, speak to one of our experts today.

How to Order Your Spaceslide Wardrobe

Measure, Design, Order

  1. 1

    Measure the space in your room

    Use our helpful guide to make sure your wardrobe doors fit your space perfectly.

    Guide to Measuring
  2. 2

    Design your style using our configurator

    There are no hidden costs or surprises with our tool that allows you to view the price in real-time as you build your design.

    Design Your Wardrobe
  3. 3
    Place your order

    Place your order & get it installed

    Use our online design tool to create your bespoke sliding wardrobes and order them for direct delivery. Or you can take advantage of our complete survey, design and installation service.