The benefits of built in wardrobes in bedrooms

Friday 20th April 2018

What are the benefits of fitted, or built in wardrobes, in bedrooms over standard, non-fitted wardrobes?
Benefits of built in wardobes

As you start to browse the world of bespoke fitted wardrobes, with their seemingly endless options for configuration and customisation, you might start to ask yourself what the real benefits of built in wardrobes in bedrooms are? After all, non-bespoke, standard wardrobes can be easily and quickly purchased, so what are you actually getting when you choose a fitted wardrobe?

Long-lasting durability through quality materials

Made from high-quality, expertly sourced materials, custom fitted wardrobes, such as ours at Spaceslide, are in it for the long haul.

Our bespoke wardrobes are made from home grown manufactured materials, made right here in our purpose-built factory in the UK.

Naturally, with a higher grade of materials comes a longer lasting life span and increased durability and resistance against wear and tear. Put simply, you’re investing in a product that will be a furniture fixture for a long time to come.

Timeless, classic yet contemporary styles

Another benefit of installing built in wardrobes in bedrooms, is that they often come with modern, yet timeless design features. As fitted wardrobe, by its very nature, needs to fit into walls and ceilings, so it has limitations on its design.

It is these very limitations that give our fitted wardrobes their classic, yet contemporary look. Designed to not just blend in with your bedroom décor, but to complement it subtly, our fitted wardrobes and sliding wardrobe doors use the latest colour trends, whilst still retaining that timeless look and feel. Understated wood finishes, such as Cape Elm, will match an array of different décor changes as the years go by, and if you really do have a favourite colour, our tones are natural and subtle, which means they won’t overpower your room. Browse our Denim Blue and Blush Pink colourways to see for yourself.

Benefits of built in wardrobes

The luxurious addition of sliding wardrobe doors

Perhaps the most stand out feature of our fitted wardrobes is their sliding doors, which, also sourced from the same materials manufactured in our UK factory, are high quality and reliable.

Sliding wardrobe doors are not only solidly constructed and hard wearing, but they can be an incredibly aesthetically pleasing centrepiece of your wardrobe. Not a feature you usually find on standard wardrobes, sliding doors add a luxurious dimension to your room, with mirrored, colour and wood finished options to choose from, you can really inject your own personal style with a set of sliding wardrobe doors. 

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