Space saving ideas - Top five space-saving tips for the home

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Regardless of how big our home is, we all know the feeling of needing more storage space, so it’s important to maximise the opportunities that are available. Whether it’s finding extra capacity in the closet or simply making best use of space in a room, clever storage solutions are key when finding out how to save space.
Space saving interior

Our resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, lists his top 5 space saving ideas for the home…

Maximise interior space

We spend so much time considering the appearance of our wardrobe s that we often overlook the most important factor: interior storage. Interior storage can be maximised by knowing how to save space. Lay out all of your clothing to give yourself a clearer idea of what you require. Cherry pick from a range of wardrobe interiors, such as shelf kits, tower units, hanger bars and drawers to get storage customised for your needs. The Spaceslide Premier Storage Kits are modular, so they offer great versatility and are easy to install, with finishes to match our sliding door range.

Surround your TV with smart storage

The living room should be a relaxing space that allows you to unwind, so you’ll need a simple storage solution to keep your possessions neat and tidy. Opt for either a simple and contemporary cabinet with drawer units or go bold and make your possessions part of your interior design by surrounding your television with open shelving wall units. This will allow you to beautifully display your best-loved books, ornaments and photographs, not only providing you with another layer of storage, but also adding personality and character to your living space. 


Make a statement with your entrance hall

Hallway furniture

First impressions really do count, so ensure your home evokes a welcoming feeling with a statement entrance hall. If an array of shoes are leaving you embarrassed every time somebody knocks at the door, then consider a storage bench. It can be used for stowing away shoes, keys, letters, gloves and dog leads. Be sure it is wide enough to be functional. If you don’t have space for a full storage bench then opt for a shoe rack.

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Embrace an alcove

Clever designs for alcoves can make an attractive focal point in any room. Opting for freestanding storage will allow you to make smart choices. For example, instead of cabinets with cupboard doors that open at the hinge, try sliding doors or drawers, which will maximise space but also offer a contemporary, minimalist look. 

Attic conversion

Creating more living areas in your home will not only create more space, but it will add significant value to your home. An attic could be transformed into a home office or extra bedroom. Spaceslide offer quality made-to-measure fitted wardrobes so that you can make best use of space in the loft conversion.

Space saving attic

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