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Relaxing bedroom ideas: How to create a calm bedroom

With our days getting more and more hectic, we’re finding it increasingly harder to truly switch off and have complete peace of mind at the end of the working day.

Calming colours

Your bedroom is the place for relaxing and unwinding, which is why our resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, reveals his quick tips on how you can turn your bedroom into a tranquil haven…

Ideal for a relaxing bedroom

Calming colours:

To create a relaxing bedroom, ensure the colours in your bedroom complement each other by selecting them from the same tone spectrum. Tints of light blue and gentle green evoke a soothing setting and make a room feel spacious and breathable. Alternatively, opt for subtle tones like cashmere, which beautifully complement a room where soft grey shades are used. When colours and textures blend together, it creates fluidity in the room which evokes a sense of calm. 


Streamline your furniture:

Your choice of furniture is an important factor as cluttered, messy bedrooms don’t allow you to shut off and unwind. Rather than filling your room with bulky furniture, invest in some key statement pieces to take the focus. Fitted wardrobes are ideal as you can hide your clutter behind sleek sliding doors, leaving you with the space to let your bedroom – and your mind – breathe.

 Opt for soft lighting:

To create the optimal calm bedroom atmosphere for relaxation, alter your lighting to produce softer tones. Natural lighting is sparse in the winter months, but installing a dimmer switch is a great way to set the scene. You could even light some candles to enhance the serenity. Having large mirrors or floor-to-ceiling mirrored doors to reflect light around the room gives the illusion of a bigger space, perfect for creating peaceful ambiance.

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