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Multi-Purpose Bedrooms

In an ideal world, your bedroom would be a place solely for resting and sleeping. But if your space at home is at a premium, perhaps you need to sacrifice the luxury of a minimalist sleeping zone in order to accommodate other purposes.

In this week’s blog, we take a look at how you can section your bedroom into a multi-purpose space, without losing that sense of calm and order.

Divide and conquer

A glass room divider is a great and cost-effective way to break up the space in your bedroom as you can section different zones, such as sleeping and working areas, without losing the flow of light.  If light isn’t a factor though, obscured glass is a great option if you want to partition the space but also conceal all the paraphernalia from the two spaces.

Equally, you can get really creative with style options by having a different finish on either side of the divider.  This works particularly well when sectioning space to create a dressing room, with coloured glass on one side to complement the bedroom’s design, and a mirrored finish on the reverse for when you’re trying on different outfits.

For a freestanding option, consider using a statement piece of furniture to screen one side of the room from the other.  We’ve even seen upcycled wooden pallets used to great effect in this way.  You can either leave them untreated for that natural effect, or paint them to match the colour scheme of your bedroom.

Getting clever with your space

 Take a little time to step back and look at your bedroom, carefully assessing all the space that it offers.  Thinking vertically, it may be that you have scope to stack your furniture in such a way that you get more out of the same furniture ‘footprint’.  Bunk-beds of course are the classic option, but you could also raise the bed above a work or storage space.

You should also look at any awkward nooks and crannies in the room and how you can turn them into something useful.  Sometimes the corner of the room can get squandered if you don’t have the right piece of furniture to fit perfectly into this area – however small corner tables or desks are easy to find.

Alcoves or recessed areas can also get overlooked.  It is all too easy to simply fit them with floor to ceiling bookshelves which then get filled with knick-knacks or books that are never to be read again.  An American blog, The Book Of Jimmy, has a handy step-by-step guide which explains how to convert an alcove into a compact yet stylish office.  You can still retain one or two shelves for those precious books that you’d never part with, whilst also making regular practical use of the space.

Our made-to-measure Deluxe room dividers are available in a range of styles and finishes, including clear, frosted or coloured glass.  They are quick to fit, allowing you to easily transform your space, create a new room, or simply give your home a more contemporary feel. 

How to Order Your Spaceslide Wardrobe

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    Design your style using our configurator

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