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Keeping it Simple with Minimalism

If the idea of ridding yourself of all of that clutter has become too much to bear, then taking a leaf out of the minimalist handbook could be just the helping hand you’re looking for.

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The de-cluttering journey can be an overwhelming thought, but it doesn’t have to be a painful one.

Minimalism is about stripping down to the bare essentials and thinking about what can be eliminated without compromising on comfort and livability.  It isn’t just a way of decorating, but a lifestyle choice focusing on the “less is more” mantra.

You can easily simplify your home by adopting concepts from the minimalist movement and learning to live with as little as possible.  Here’s a few tips on how to start incorporating the “less is more” approach within your home…

Strip back

Minimalist design has a strong emphasis on reducing mess to help keep spaces relaxing and contemporary.  Minimalist bedrooms allow your mind to roam free through uncluttered space, creating a calming effect and promoting restful sleep.

The key to minimalising your bedroom is to first identify the problem areas where clutter rapidly accumulates.  Edit and eliminate by being ruthless and getting rid of any “just in case” items.

A great rule to work by is to declutter first, then move on to focus on the storage you need. Once you’ve simplified your room, you can likely do even more – take a few days off from the task and revisit it later with a fresh pair of eyes.

Many people view minimalism as a strict design aesthetic with clean lines and simple colour schemes, but an organised home doesn’t mean it has to be lacking in personality.  The hardest part of designing a minimal bedroom involves staying away from the sterile and creating a warm, inviting space that is both comfy and aesthetically pleasing.

This bedroom perfectly demonstrates how minimalism can be easily combined with the cosiness of rustic charm. The wooden accent wall is chic whilst any clutter is hidden away within the large storage unit.

Be clever with storage 

Hidden storage is the best tool for maintaining a clutter-free home.  Minimalism requires you to be extra clever with storage solutions and keeping belongings hidden from sight.

For smaller rooms, maximise the space by creating vertical storage right up to the ceiling.

This design makes perfect use of an awkwardly shaped wall to provide reams of storage space in a neat and tidy way.

To avoid the feeling of having a large cabinet or chest looming over you in a small space, opt for sleek, light-coloured surfaces with a bit of shine or gloss to help the light bounce around, making the cabinets’ bulk blend in with the surrounding walls.

The addition of an Ottoman or a luxurious Divan bed will also enhance the cosiness of the room, whilst providing the perfect place for stashing away your belongings.

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