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Five Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas From an Expert

When designing your made-to-measure wardrobes, there’s a lot to consider - especially as there are so many styles, sizes and interiors available. To help you choose the style that’s right for you, our design expert, Nimesh from the Spaceslide Hemel Showroom has put together some of his best bedroom wardrobe design ideas.

Working with customers to create bespoke wardrobes means I learn a lot about various styles and trends. These days, I have a pretty good idea of which wardrobe designs are both timeless and functional, as well as those that are best avoided. 

If you’re choosing a new bedroom wardrobe and are looking for design ideas, there’s lots of advice that I’d give new customers. Here are some of my top tips for choosing a wardrobe design that’s best suited to your style and needs. 

Shaker doors are a trend that’s here to stay

Shaker doors are a trend that we’ve seen boom in the past couple of years. Though when customers visit our showroom, they often like the style and are familiar with it, but didn’t actually know the name. 

In short, shaker doors are those with a flat panel centre and an embossed edge. They’re a beautiful bedroom wardrobe design idea that I’d always recommend, no matter whether the room is small or large. 

Shaker doors are simple and minimalist, while still having enough detail to look beautiful. The embossed detail also breaks up a block colour and softens the look, so you can still have one shade without it looking too daunting. 

The image below is from a customer’s bedroom who I recently worked with and it’s one of my favourite looks - it’s the Deluxe Shaker Doors in the shade Cashmere. These are a really popular choice at the moment and with good reason. They compliment interiors really well, drawing just the right amount of attention as they’re a really stylish yet subtle design.

Mirrored wardrobes are functional and space-enhancing

If you’re looking for bedroom wardrobe design ideas for a smaller space, mirrored wardrobes are my go-to recommendation.

Adding full mirror panels to sliding doors can make your bedroom look twice as big, not only because of the reflection, but because of the bright and airy feel it creates too. What’s more, it’s extremely functionable as it means there’s no need to hang additional mirrors elsewhere.

Many customers choose a mirror bedroom wardrobe design when they have a neutral colour scheme as it brightens the space even further, but I think it looks great with bright, bold colours too. It’s a timeless design that can match with a range of interiors, giving you the freedom to change decor as you please over the years. 

Walk-in wardrobes are easier to create than you think

Walk-in wardrobes are another design trend that’s on the rise at the moment - and they’re actually so achievable to create with room dividers. Simply choose which section of your bedroom you’d like to dedicate to storage, and add made-to-measure dividers to separate the space.

Walk-in wardrobes are a storage solution that’s both glamorous and functional, plus they give you the flexibility to add the exact wardrobe interiors you need. You can choose a range of shelves, drawers, double hangers and more, finishing it off with handy extras like LED lighting. 

Multiple finishes can match more interiors

Incorporating multiple colours into your bedroom wardrobe design can look really sleek, especially if you opt for subtle, calm colours that blend well. Colour combinations that work really well together include white and Cashmere (as shown below), Silver Frame and Mirror, as well as Stone Grey and White Glass.

As well as adding more eye-catching detail to the design, colour combinations can also help you to match more furnishings and interior. For example, you might choose to have a wood finish base that matches the rest of your bedroom furniture, with a coloured panel that blends with your bedroom wall. 

Fitted wardrobes are best for awkward spaces

If you aren’t sure where to put your fitted wardrobe, it’s best to choose your most awkward space. That’s because fitted wardrobes can be installed anywhere, so you might as well choose an area that’s tougher to get use out of - as that’ll no longer be the case! 

Fitted wardrobes are great for sloping attic ceilings, uneven walls like alcoves, and just general strange areas that are in need of some TLC. It can sometimes feel difficult knowing where to start when coming up with a wardrobe design for spaces like this, but chatting to a design consultant will help you figure out exactly what you need. 

For more guidance and wardrobe design ideas, get in touch with a Spaceslide expert today or visit one of our showrooms. You can also use our online configurator to design your wardrobe now. 

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