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Expert Comment New Interior Design Trends for 2017 2018

Our resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, identifies the new trends in colour, texture, space and furniture functionality for the year ahead, and reveals how you can easily incorporate these latest styles into your bedroom with a brand new colour collection from Spaceslide wardrobes.

“Having visited some of the most influential industry shows for 2017/2018 - including IMM Cologne, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, and Salone Milan - the popular trends focussed on how homeowners can make optimum use of their space. With houses and apartments becoming increasingly smaller due to the strain of urbanisation, there is a need for clever solutions to expand room space, or at least create that illusion.

“When it comes to portraying the illusion of space, adaptable furniture and bright colours are becoming more widespread. Living in a contemporary, fast-paced culture, but also feeling relaxed and comfortable in the home, was a challenge that was addressed at the design shows. 


Colour scheme

"There are some simple tricks to make a room appear larger, and plain white is not the answer. Instead, I try using tints of light blue and gentle green to evoke a soothing setting, making a room feel spacious and breathable. In particular, ocean blues and forest greenery are a significant style for this year. 

"Alternatively, consider other subtle tones such as powder pink or cashmere. These beautifully complement a room where soft grey shades are used as the base.

“Try to include some of the wood effects that are prominent for this year, such as natural oak, washed-out oak, and walnut, to add depth to the room.”



 "Everyone wants to create their own individual style and the bedroom should be the most personal space in your home. You can effortlessly achieve uniqueness by mixing and matching bedroom finishes – something we’ve already seen our customers doing with our popular three panel doors, with a variation of textures being chosen to create a bespoke look that incorporates the latest fashions. 

“My preference is to combine our brand new wardrobe finishes, such as the Nordic Teal Panel and Satin Cashmere Glass, and use with our Bronze Mirror, to achieve a refreshing and uplifting vibe. These natural colours work perfectly with the calm powder pink and cashmere hues.

“However, if grey is more to your taste, opt for our new Denim Blue Panel with White Cape Elm wood effect, combined with the Grey Mirror sliding doors, to achieve a contemporary, charcoal decor. 

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