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Bedroom Furniture Trends of 2016

Your bedroom is for downtime; a relaxing haven where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. When you get home from work, you don’t want to think about the long, hard day you’ve had, you want to be spirited away.

This year, furniture fashion has been all about escapism; imaging you’re in a countryside cottage or an idyllic Scandinavian hotel. Moreover, if you’re thinking of turning your bedroom into your own paradise or simply want to update your design, let us take you through the top bedroom furniture trends of 2016.

Scandinavian Style:

If you like bucolic design, then this is the trend for you. Bare materials, textured fabrics and minimal clutter are all key features, which means effective storage solutions and a natural colour palette are essential. These ideas have infiltrated fashion houses globally, but originally came from the five Nordic countries of FinlandNorwaySwedenIceland and Denmark in the 1950s. Based on ideas of simplicity, this trend is perfect for helping you to relax after a day in a noisy environment. Here are our top three tips to help you transform your bedroom:

  1. Make sure the overall colour in your room is neutral. Keep to stone or nude base colours for your walls and furniture, and work up from these. If you want a pop of colour, invest in bright accessories, like this vase from House of Fraser.
  2. Clever storage is vital – make sure clutter is to a minimum and all your trinkets are neatly tucked away somewhere. Invest in sliding wardrobe doors with bespoke storage units inside, all in natural colours to hide away all your bits and bobs.
  3. Geometric accessories are another key element for mastering the Scandinavian trend. As you can see below, a geometric lampshade, or lamp itself, add extra dimensions and personality to your space. You could even try a quirky feature, like this angular chair from Made, to add your own stamp.


A vintage-inspired bedroom allows you to be a bit more creative. You can be eclectic, displaying more of your possessions while also being adventurous with colours. If this sounds more up your street then try our top three tips below:

  1. One of the key trends within vintage inspired décor is hand crafting accessories, turning away from modern appliances. Instead of using photo frames, for example, why not decorate your own corkboard and pin your favourite pictures to it. You could also look at repurposing furniture, a restored lantern is an interesting and eye-catching feature. In addition, use raw, natural materials for your furniture; this will enhance your vintage theme.
  2. Don’t be afraid to play around with furniture. Invest in a steel bed, but then juxtapose this with chunky wooden chairs or freestanding furniture. You could then add to this with softly-coloured bedding or throws; mix and match different styles from different eras for added retro appeal.
  3. Lastly, lighting is essential. An Edison bulb will brighten any room, while also keeping in line with your olde-worlde theme. Further to this, you could use candles, or tea lights in a glass jar, to help highlight your vintage theme, while also creating a relaxing ambience.

Casual Country:

For the more conservative among you, why not consider a traditional design? Paisley prints and flower brocades are all the rage with the casual country trend. Our top tips will have you well on the way to creating your own rustic-inspired bedroom:

  1. Much like the Scandinavian theme, countryside chic makes use of natural, raw materials. Exposed beams and wooden floorboards give an instant rural edge that you can add to with wooden chairs and natural, soft coloured décor.
  2. Nothing welcomes guests more than flowers and house plants. As well as experimenting with wooden or earthy coloured vases, why not invest in herbaceous printed upholstery or wall hangings. Allow the foliage to stand out against the soft colour scheme, creating a calming atmosphere.
  3. Finish off the look by accessorising with knitted throws over your wooden chairs and patchwork quilts across your bed linen, all promoting the relaxed country approach.

Whatever you decide to do, decorating your bedroom with one theme in mind will keep your room from becoming lost in multiple ideas and clutter. Instead, it will become a place of consistency, stirring up feelings of relaxation and positivity, a great way to start every morning and end every day.

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