Pink wardrobes and the Romantic trend How to utilise pastel interior design 

  1. Why pastel interior design?

    Pastel and light colours have been a key fixture in interior design in recent years. This is because they’re easy on the eye, go well together and generally won’t overpower a room with too much boldness.

    Dusty hues, feminine tones and neutral swatches help to create a sense of calm and tranquillity, and, when combined with other tones, this helps to create texture and depth without clashes and confusion.

    Our Romantic trend makes use of the pastel interior design look, and a quick browse through our trend book will show you how to combine and blend colours together in your home.

  2. Our pink wardrobes are key to the Romantic trend

    Although the pastel look isn’t particularly tied to one specific colour, one swatch group that features heavily in the Romantic trend is pink.

    With Pantone shades 7612 C, 7605 C and 7604 C playing a big part in the look book, a key to the pastel, Romantic look is to centre your bedroom décor around a pink wardrobe, such as our 3 Panel Blush with Cashmere doors and Titanium frame, or Premium Midi in Blush Pink.

    By choosing a dusty shade of pink as your main colour, you can create a gentle statement that lives up to the ‘dream-like haze’ ambience that sits as a key theme and centrepiece of the Romantic trend.

  3. How to get the pastel interior look at Spaceslide

    Once you start to explore the Romantic palette, you’ll find that Satin Bush Glass is at the heart of it, with natural wood tones, such Cape Elm and bolder swatches, such as Nordic Teal complementing it on both sides of the spectrum.

    To combine colours, you can design your own wardrobe and utilise the colours in the Romantic trend, choosing some for the doors and frames themselves, and others for the door panels.

    Once you have built a solid foundation of colour in your pastel-based or pink wardrobe, you can start to expand on the rest of your bedroom furniture and accessories with the full colour wheel.

    Explore the Romantic trend here.

  4. Start your journey here

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