Entertainer trend A clutter-free home

  1. So what's the secret to a clutter-free home?

    Inviting, sociable and generally inspired by life itself, The Entertainer is constantly crafting an environment that puts guests at ease. The Entertainer's home must be inviting, clutter-free and fun to relax in. we're going to show you how a clutter-free home is built.

    Let's translate the clutter-free ethos into home décor. As far as colour goes, our Entertainer trend is built around lush Satin Blush Glass colours, contrasted with warm, natural Mild Walnut and bold, inviting Dark Blue Glass. This truly is a look and feel that puts the senses at ease through clever colour combinations and contrasting. All of this is what ultimately makes up our Entertainer trend lookbook and makes a home inviting.

    Our colour tip: order some of our free samples to get a real feel for how colour makes you think, feel and what it does to your senses.

    clutter free home
  2. How to create a welcoming, clutter-free home

    Creating a spacious, clutter-free environment isn’t just as simple as spring cleaning and getting rid of all the things that make your room a mess. Make no mistake, this is an important part of the process, an integral part of it even, but it’s only the first stage in a number of steps towards a creating happy, positive environment.

    Once you’ve cleared your space of clutter, the key to maintaining a room that others enjoy being in, is to make sure that you make the most of the space available to you. Our sliding wardrobes are built to maximise space a number of ways. The first, is through their horizontally-opening doors themselves. Rather than opening outwards, the sliding wardrobe doors move across the face of the unit, taking up minimal, if any, space in your room.

    Secondly, when used in conjunction with our
    wardrobe interiors, our fitted wardrobes neatly stash away clutter left, right and centre through a combination of hangar systems, wardrobe shelving and neat boxed drawers. This means whatever the contents of your bedroom wardrobe, whether it’s shoes, jackets or trousers, they can be stored neatly.

    Download our Entertainer lookbook.
    clutter free home
  3. Integrating the Entertainer ideology into your home – will it work?

    The great thing about the clutter-free mind-set and approach of The Entertainer, is that it can be applied to just about every home. Even if the hues featured in our trend lookbook don’t match your current visual style, you can apply the principles of contrast by utilising bold and natural colours together. And the lessons in the placement and layout of a room are ones we can all take something from. Less is more.

    Want to save space and make your home inviting for your next social event? Shop our sliding wardrobe doors and wardrobe interiors. Better yet, speak to one of our experts here for help and advice.

    clutter free home

Download our Entertainer trend lookbook