Cool bedroom decor ideas 2018

Friday 19th January 2018

Redesigning any room in the house can be seen as a chore. But with a few, simple changes here and there, you can easily achieve a fresh, updated feel. Treat your bedroom to a makeover and give it a new look for the New Year. Take a look at our cool bedroom decorating ideas and be inspired!

Bedroom headboard ideas

Jazz up a once plain wooden headboard with a fresh lick of paint - be brave and go for a bold colour. Make sure to sand down the headboard first and brush off any remaining dust. You will also need to ensure the purchased paint includes primer. Alternatively, a cheap way to redecorate your bedroom, if you really fancy trying your hand at DIY, is to create a handmade headboard from reclaimed wood. Drape in LED lights to add the final homely touch.  


Freshen up with florals

For the ultimate refreshed feeling, inject some natural beauty into the bedroom by displaying fresh flowers. This will set a relaxed mood in the bedroom without breaking the bank.  Decorate a supermarket-bought bunch by tying the stems together with ribbon or lace to give it a luxurious effect. Alternatively, if you don’t want the hassle of clearing out old flowers, treat yourself to an artificial plant, such as an orchid, to provide appeal for the entire year. But don’t forget to give it a dust every once in a while! 

Try out new textures

We often design a room with a focus on what appeals to our sense of sight, overlooking our other senses, such as touch. Different surfaces and materials can add that final touch to make a room feel like home. Consider adding soft elements such as a throw or rug, whilst harsher textures can be added in the form of furniture to create a balance. High gloss wardrobes, with a simple design and a rich finish, are ideal for reflecting brightness around the space. Alternatively, mix and match textures with sliding wardrobe doors with varied finishes. For example, the silvery wood grain of our new Cape Elm works perfectly with the subtle Denim to create light and stylish appearance.

Denim and Cape Elm

Let the wall make a statement

If you’re getting tired of staring at the same, plain wall, then liven things up by adding a cool statement piece of artwork to transform your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary. It is a straight-forward option to adding a vibrant dose of colour. Don’t be shy to go for a large piece to create the true wow factor. Or perhaps arrange family photographs in a collection to add the personal touch to the room.

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