Custom Made-to-Measure Desks

Bespoke Home Office Desks

Tailor your desk to suit your productivity and style

When choosing a home office desk, it’s important to choose something that’s functional and practical, while also complementing the interior of your home. That’s why here at Spaceslide, all of our home office desks are fully customisable, so you can choose colours and finishes to match the rest of your furniture, whether that’s your fitted wardrobe or your chest of drawers

You can take your pick from a variety of sizes and configurations too, so that your bespoke home office desk can be seamlessly integrated into your space. Whether you require a small space for a laptop or a larger space for a desktop computer or a drawing pad, you can find a home office desk that’s tailored to you.

You can buy your bespoke desk online, using our online configurator to add your finishing touches. Or if you’d prefer to have a full fitted home office solution, get in touch with a member of our team or visit our showroom

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Use our custom desk builder to bring your idea to life and choose your bespoke desk’s colour, finish, size and configuration.

How to use Spaceslide’s custom desk builder

Using our online configuration tool to build your custom desk is easy. Simply:

  1. Click the desk you’d like to customise from the products above 

  2. Get designing - choose your colour, finish, size and draw position

  3. Add to basket 

  4. If you’re creating a fitted home office, add bespoke fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture too

  5. Buy and get your bespoke office furniture delivered to your door

How to design a bespoke shelving unit with a desk 

To design a built-in shelving unit and desk that’s custom-made to fit your room, you must first measure the wall that you’d like to fix this to. With this in mind, you can then choose a wardrobe shelving unit that you find most practical, along with a desk to match. 

Choosing a bespoke furniture brand like Spaceslide is best, because you can choose something that’s suited to your specific measurements and colour scheme. You can also get in touch with a design specialist who can help create your shelving unit and desk for you. 

Add a wardrobe and desk combination to your bedroom

If you don’t have a whole room to use as a home office, there are still ways you can create a workspace. One of the most popular solutions is to add a wardrobe and desk combo to your bedroom. That way, your desk will tie together with the rest of your furniture for a clean, neat look. Your desk can even double up as a dressing table.

To design a desk and wardrobe combo, choose your Spaceslide desk, followed by your fitted or sliding wardrobe. You can design both online using your specific measurements, or you can get in touch with our team.