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Wardrobe Storage Ideas From a Design Expert

Choosing the right storage solution for your wardrobe is crucial, as it’s something you’ll be using every single day for a very long time. You’ll want to get the most out of every inch, ensuring it’s as functional as it possibly can be. To help you pick a layout you feel confident to commit to, our wardrobe design expert, Sophie from our Lichfield showroom shares her top wardrobe storage ideas.

Autumnal oak
Everyday I work with customers to design their fitted wardrobe, which includes tailoring their internal wardrobe storage to suit their needs and daily routines. Everyone is different, but there are some classic go-tos, trends and handy hacks I’ve come across over the years. Here are some of my favourite wardrobe storage ideas:

The most popular internal wardrobe storage 

If you’re in doubt about which wardrobe storage layout to opt for, I’d always recommend keeping it simple. You can always add to it later if you feel you need it! Our most popular range is our standard storage components, particularly the tower unit with shelving, drawers and a hanging rail. That way, there’s plenty of room to store folded clothes and hanging clothes. 


Tower unit

Get more out of your space with double hanging 

A great internal wardrobe storage idea to get more out of your space is to use a mixture of long hanging and double hanging, especially if you own a lot more one piece items of clothing over dresses and suits. Children’s wardrobes benefit from double hanging especially, as the bottom of the wardrobe just ends up wasted space otherwise. 

Don’t let shoe storage take up too much space

Something that always stumps customers when they’re considering different wardrobe storage ideas is what to do with shoes. If a customer has a small space, I always suggest to scrap shoe storage all together and just use the floor of the wardrobe instead. That way, you can use the space for double hanging or clothes shelving. 

If you have lots of shoes, a shoe rack is always a good idea, because it means you can stack your shoes on the floor. It looks so neat and tidy without wasting space that could be used elsewhere. Shelving is good for shoe storage if you have a bigger space or you want to display some special items, but you do waste a lot more space with a shoe shelf over a bar. 

Premier storage

Use room dividers to create a walk-in wardrobe 

A trend we’re seeing boom at the moment is walk-in wardrobes. Most customers are thrilled when they learn that any space can be turned into a walk-in wardrobe with the use of a room divider - it doesn’t require an already-built space or cupboard. This can provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to thinking about wardrobe storage ideas. 

Our customer, Tiffany Watson, chose a brilliant storage configuration for her walk-in wardrobe. She chose a wide range of hanging bars, shelving and drawers, while still leaving plenty of space to walk around and view her items. 

Tiffany watson

Tiffany watson

Add storage to your chimney breast - alcoves aren’t the only useful part!

Many people build wardrobes into their alcoves, but often leave out the chimney breast as there’s no deep space. However, you can actually create a larger wardrobe that covers the whole wall by attaching hooks and racks to your chimney breast to make use of it. You can then cover both of the alcoves and chimney breast with sliding doors

Consider adding wardrobe storage systems outside of your wardrobe too

If the size of your wardrobe doesn’t allow all the storage you’d like, it can still look great with fitted external storage too. You can choose shelving and drawer units that match the finish of your wardrobe doors so that they blend seamlessly. Then so your storage doesn’t look cluttered, it’s a good idea to opt for boxes on your shelves to hide your clothes.

Use different height rails to accommodate awkward spaces

If you need wardrobe storage ideas that accommodate sloping ceilings or any other awkward spaces, it’s important to note that storage components don’t need to be fitted in a straight line. Different level hanging bars are great for slopes, while shelves can be any size to fit into both deep and narrow spaces. 

Dressing room

Add lighting for even more visibility 

Adding LED lighting is a brilliant wardrobe storage idea because it not only adds a high quality look, it’s also highly functional as you’ll be able to see your clothes so clearly. If you’re furnishing a particular dark room that doesn’t get much natural light, this is an especially good choice.

Bring your wildest wardrobe storage idea to your designer - you’d be surprised what you can achieve!

At Spaceslide, customers are often surprised at just how flexible our wardrobe storage can be. If you have an internal storage idea that you’ve not seen before, don’t be afraid to explain it to the designer because chances are, they’ll be able to bring it to life in some way. 

No space is ever as awkward as you think it is, while no belongings are ever too difficult to store neatly. Chat to your consultant about your space, what you want to store, as well as your daily routine of how you’ll use it - they’ll help you come up with the best solution. 

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