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Updating Your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Andy Briggs from Spaceslide explains how a simple update can make a big impact when you move into a new home.


Accent walls, soft furnishings, and statement pieces of furniture play a key role in defining the overall look of your room – and sliding doors ought not to be forgotten when setting the tone of your space.

Premium Black Glass Nebraska Oak

One of the key features of our sliding doors is that, once the tracks have been installed, you can easily replace the door panels. So, if you’ve moved into a new home and inherited someone else’s style, you still have the flexibility to switch from 70s wood panels to contemporary greys, or vice versa, quickly and without any hassle.

Swap existing doors for mirrored panels

A bedroom should be a relaxing, tranquil sanctuary, and as such minimising clutter and amplifying the feeling of space is key. However, in a smaller space, this can be easier said than done – particularly when the room is dominated by large, freestanding pieces of furniture, and storage solutions often necessitate a sacrifice of precious floor space.

In cases like these, a fitted or a walk-in wardrobe with mirrored doors present the ideal solution. In addition to hiding belongings away, floor-to-ceiling mirrors make any space feel taller and brighter. Reflecting an abundance of natural light around the space, this simple update to sliding wardrobe doors creates an optical illusion of an airy, larger space.

Pulling a look together

In a calming, well-designed bedroom, all of the pieces should work naturally together to form one cohesive space. A simple update to outdated sliding wardrobe doors can play a key role in creating a sense of flow around the room, and ensure that the need for storage doesn’t come at the cost of a love of style.


Whether your style errs towards soft neutrals or sleek and contemporary, the colour, texture and hardware on your doors can prove the expert touch that pulls the look together. In addition to matching the tones and metals to the rest of your accessories, matching freestanding furniture can give an elegant and sophisticated feel. Our collection of bedroom furniture has been designed to perfectly complement our fitted wardrobes and sliding doors, so whether you like Tortona Chestnut or prefer Stone Grey, there’s sure to be a finish to suit your room.

Room dividers

In modern homes, sliding doors needn’t be confined to wardrobes. When used as room dividers, they can assist in maximising the square footage of your home, and transform your open plan living areas into versatile spaces, however the finish and transparency of the doors can make or break the effect.

If you’ve inherited heavy wooden dividers which inhibit light and close the space in, a simple swap to a light-filtering material can retain the flexibility of your space without removing the doors completely. Frosted or translucent glass, or a mixture of opaque panels and translucent glass, strike the perfect balance between open plan living and individual rooms.


3 Simple Steps

Measure, Design, Order

  1. 1

    Measure the space in your room

    Use our helpful guide to make sure your wardrobe doors fit your space perfectly.

    Guide to Measuring
  2. 2

    Design your style using our configurator

    There are no hidden costs or surprises with our tool that allows you to view the price in real-time as you build your design.

    Design Your Wardrobe
  3. 3

    Place your order & get it installed

    Use our online design tool to create your bespoke sliding wardrobes and order them for direct delivery. Or you can take advantage of our complete survey, design and installation service.