Minimalist Wardrobe Trend Get the minimalist wardrobe look

  1. Get the minimalist wardrobe look - our colours

    By now you've heard about the Minimalist, who brings a ‘fresh approach to classic design. Inspirational, and one step ahead of the rest', but how do you get the look in your bedroom?

    The Minimalist is always striving for that subtly balanced look that is neither overpowering, nor does it ever fall short of being effective and full of elegance. Kings of the art of subtlety, and queens of the sleek and spacious, minimalists are well attuned to their surroundings and understand just what to leave out of their décor.

    This translates, in décor, style and bedroom furniture terms, to stripped-back, modern and minimalist wardrobes. Think dark grey glass finishes, metallic lining and sharp, modernist trimmings.

    Our tip: it all starts with colour. Order some of our samples in dark and bold tones to find your inner Minimalist.



  2. Design your own with inspiration

    Whether you choose bold, deep and solid black colours such as our Dark Grey Glass, Black Glass and Grey Mirror tones, or warm, more natural corners of the colour palette, such as our Cashmere and Tortona Chestnut Panel swatches, we can help you design your perfect custom wardrobe.

    When you’re using our wardrobe designer tool, you’ll find a wide range of wood and glass colours to choose from for your door panels, and when aiming for the striped-back look, you can use our Minimalist Lookbook for advice.

    Download our Minimalist lookbook.

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  3. Integrating minimalist wardrobes into your room – will it work?

    Does your bedroom décor fit the bill of the Minimalist? Are your walls dark and your furniture pieces warm and natural? Do you have a penchant for the bold, yet subtle make-up of a simple, modern home? More to the point, does your home look like the trends and moods we’ve collated and curated in our Minimalist Mood Board?   If so, the minimalist look could be for you.

  4. Finishing touches – what makes this design trend stand out?

    The Minimalist trend might be built on a foundation of bold, big colours and dark, natural shades, but what really finishes off the look and allows it to come to life is something much more subtle indeed. How minimalist!

    When working with deep, strong colours, modern outlines and sharp edges can help to make your bedroom furniture stand out and avoid too much clashing or ‘muffling’ of darker colours. 

    So how exactly do you make those bold colours ‘pop’? At Spaceslide, we offer the option to customise the liner material of your wardrobe, giving it an edge that complements the overall look of your wardrobe.

    Also, try accessorising your wardrobe with a choice of mirrored finish. With the minimalist look, this works particularly well with a dark grey mirror. If mirrors aren’t in your ‘perfect wardrobe list’, then the above grey and black glass finishes will add a modern touch to your overall look.

    Shop our sliding wardrobe doors and wardrobe interiors, or browse our trend board below.


Download our Minimalist trend lookbook