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How To Fit a Soft Close Sliding Wardrobe Door - Different Track Types

Fitting our flat pack sliding wardrobes is simple and we’ve provided an essential guide on how to install your soft close sliding wardrobe door. Fit your dream storage solution into your home and enjoy a bespoke feature, designed by our experts. 

Depending on what your track looks like, you’ll need to follow certain steps to ensure the soft close door hinges are installed correctly and safely into the track. 


Soft close


  Fitting a classic track (a)

  1. Making sure that you have equal spacing, screw the top track into the ceiling and position the bottom track on the floor  —  but don’t fix it into place yet. 

  2. Carefully insert a door into the top and bottom tracks. 

  3. Position the door on both sides of the track and, by moving the bottom track, level it up. 

  4. Once it is in position, mark the floor. 

  5. Remove the door. 

  6. For all top and bottom track types, measure in 100mm from either end and then use even spacing throughout the track in between  —  for example, 500mm intervals. 

  7. Once you’ve marked where the drill holes will be, drill through the track and into the floor. Alternatively, use double-sided foam-backed tape to fix the bottom track to any smooth flooring e.g laminate or vinyl. Use suitable fixings to secure the track in place, if you’re unsure on which kind of fixing you need then take a look at our guide.

  8. Insert each of your doors into the correct channel and position them to fully closed depending on your configuration. 

  9. Insert one sliding door into the tracks at a time, and position into place. Transfer the indicator mark from the door to the top rack. Then slide the door aside and use the indicator mark to position the pin  —  it’s important to check that the pin is facing the right direction. 

  10. Carefully push the pin towards the back wall of the top track, then mark through each screw hole and drill pilot holes. 

  11. Fix the pin using the screws provided, making sure that the pin is against the indicator mark and check that they’re orientated the right way. 

If the doors need raising/angles adjusting, you will have to use the screws to do so. When you’ve made the necessary adjustments, with the doors back in the bottom track you’ll then need to remove the yellow lock to release the anti-jump system on this wheel only. 

If the door doesn’t engage the pin, then adjust the soft close. Use an allen key to adjust the height. 

Fitting a premium integrated soft close track (b)

Before you get started, make sure that you aren’t screwing close to any hidden electrical wires or water pipes near your opening.

  1. Before fixing to the ceiling, slide the activation into the track, ensuring that they’re close to the centre to avoid them getting in the way. It’s important to check that the pin is facing the right direction.

  2. With the doors in the relevant channels in a closed position, the soft close unit should follow the action above. 

  3. Measure for equal spacing, then screw the top track into the ceiling and then position the bottom track on the floor —  but don’t screw it in yet. 

  4. Align the door on both sides of the track and use a spirit level to level it up, moving the bottom track carefully. Mark the floor once it is in position. 

  5. Remove the doors and fix the bottom track. With all track types, you should measure in 100mm then use equal spacing across the rest of the track. 

  6. Measure in another 37mm from your line and mark another line, which you’ll refer to for placing your track fixing disks. 

  7. Insert one door at a time and position it in place.

  8. Transfer the indicator mark from the door to its equivalent location on the top track then secure. 

  9. Line up the pin with the mark then drill the pilot holes. Fix the pin using the screws provided. 

  10. Should you need to alter the height or angle of the doors, use a 4mm allen key on the bottom wheels. 

  11. If the soft close isn’t engaged, adjust the pin to bring the doors to a suitable height using an allen key.

How to Order Your Spaceslide Wardrobe

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