Fitted wardrobe ideas: storage, colours and styles

Monday 16th April 2018

A fitted wardrobe should be a well thought out investment, so here are our fitted wardrobe ideas to help you create your perfect bespoke wardrobe.
Fitted wardrobe ideas

When choosing a fitted wardrobe, there’s a lot to consider. The likelihood is that this piece of furniture is going to outlast a lot of your other bedroom items, so it requires some thought. As rugs, carpets and even lampshades come and go, your fitted wardrobe should remain a long-lasting fixture in your room, with enough timeless style to pair perfectly with a range of interchangeable styles. Read on for our fitted wardrobe ideas.

When creating a custom-made wardrobe, every aspect should be carefully considered. From colour choices, finishing aesthetic touches and even internal storage configuration – it all matters equally.

Here are our fitted wardrobe ideas, and what to consider when going through the wardrobe build process.

Measuring up matters when it comes to making your fitted wardrobe ideas a reality

When you think of designing your own wardrobe, you might think of choosing colour choices, wood finishes and all the added cosmetic extras that come with the process. But what about getting the foundations right? What really makes a fitted wardrobe, fitted? The answer is correct sizing and measurements. A well fitted wardrobe will seamlessly slot into your space, perfectly complimenting your room with ideal proportions and visual symmetry.

With our design your own wardrobe tool, the first thing you’ll customise is your wardrobe’s dimensions, which are crucial for getting the perfect fit. You can read our help article on preparing and measuring if you need to, which gives advice on getting accurate measurements before starting the design process.

Treat interior storage as more than just an added extra

Internal wardrobe storage is often thought of as a separate entity from the outer build of a custom fitted wardrobe. It’s all too easy to focus in on sliding wardrobe doors, colour choices and finishes, and so storage systems can easily be considered as a secondary extra.

However, what goes inside your wardrobe is just as important as how it looks (if not much more important). The functionality and purpose of a wardrobe is to store and to create more space, so when customising your bespoke fitted wardrobe, it’s worth giving the wardrobe interior real consideration. Questions such as: ‘how much do you want to spend on an interior?’, ‘does it need to have a certain look, colour or style?’, and ‘does it need shelves, drawers, hangers or all three?’ are all important for getting your interior purchase just right for the long term.

We offer a range of interiors, some that are minimalistic and stripped-down, as well as some that are large, all-encompassing storage systems. Our storage systems are separated into three ranges, our Standard range, Premier range and Signature range, which each offer different styles and benefits – browse our wardrobe interior ranges here.

Fitted wardrobe

Fitted wardrobe ideas - choosing colours and styles

No wardrobe is complete without its finishing touches, which can include anything from colour finishes to the number of panels on your sliding wardrobe doors, and frame choices to liners. All of which can be chosen and customised in our design your own wardrobe tool.

Wardrobe colour trends are also worth considering for the long term. Whilst we offer a wide range of colours, our subtle tones are contemporary yet timeless. Chosen carefully by our experts, our colour selection covers everything from Mild Walnut to Nordic Teal, and Satin Stone Grey to Blush Pink.

Getting your colour just right will mean you’re able to inject a touch of your personal style to your room, whilst also creating a long-lasting, timeless look. Why not order some of our samples to give you an idea of what different colours will look like in your room?

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