Box Room Ideas - Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Smallest Room

Many of our homes share one thing in common – a compact, often awkward space which means we need to compromise on practicality or style when considering its décor.

Bedroom with bed and mirrored sliding wardrobe

Many of our homes share one thing in common – a compact, often awkward space which means we need to compromise on practicality or style when considering its décor. Coming up with exciting small box room ideas can be tricky, but once you decide on a purpose, it doesn’t take much to bring your vision to life.

With a plethora of space-saving solutions and clever design techniques now readily available to us to maximise the room’s potential, some simple tweaks can make your small space both attractive and functional.

Box Room Bedroom Ideas 
Transforming your box room into an extra bedroom is one of the easiest and most practical solutions, as it just takes a few pieces of furniture to create a room you’ll use time and time again. To do so, it’s best to opt for light, airy colours and minimal decor, so the room feels open and clutter-free. 

Fitted furniture helps make the most of small box rooms too; think built-in bed, sliding wardrobe doors and shelving. Space enhancing mirrored wardrobes for box rooms are especially beneficial because the reflection can make the room feel twice the size. 

Box Room Office Ideas 
If you work from home, a handy box room idea to consider is a home office. You can find desks to fit any space, whether it’s a floating desk fitted to a wall or a small freestanding desk next to your window. Adding a few plants is a good way to decorate, because they can bring some life to the room without overwhelming it. 

Desk, chair and office shelving at home

Box Room Dressing Room Ideas
Turning your box room into a dressing room adds a glamorous touch to your home and makes excellent use of space. For a chic look, fit  built-in wardrobes to the walls and place a stool or dressing table in the centre of the room. You can also add stylish extras like spotlights and drawer boxes for ultimate functionality.

Dressing room with wardrobes around walls

Multi-Functional Box Room Ideas

If you can’t decide on one box room idea, you can opt for a multi-use room that’s a bedroom, office and dressing room in one. A smart collection of multipurpose furniture can buy you those additional functionalities. From sofas doubling up as beds, coffee tables folding up into desks, and ottoman beds providing additional storage, multiuse furniture works twice as hard at transforming your box room into a multifaceted space.

Bedroom with desk and mirrored wardrobe

Although a box room may initially present an awkward space, this simple selection of tips and tricks proves yours can easily be transformed to feel airy and less constrictive, ultimately opening the space to be a fully functioning and stylish area of your home. 

To make the most of your small box room, chat to one of our experts today and learn about our custom-made bedroom furniture. From fitted sliding wardrobes through to bespoke freestanding furniture, we have a range of storage solutions that can be tailored to your space. 



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