Tracy and Andrew’s Modern Bedroom Makeover

Andrew Laidler

We worked with our customers, Tracy and Andrew, to create beautiful bedroom storage for their master bedroom and son, Will’s, bedroom. 

What the bedrooms looked like before

With a beautiful 16th century farmhouse located in rural Northumberland, Tracy and Andrew aimed to completely renovate and create a new family living space.  The property was beautiful and bursting with charm, but the outdated bedroom furniture looked cluttered and the style just didn’t reflect the family’s personality. 

“Being a 500-year-old property, the whole-house renovation came with various challenges,” says Andrew. “The farmhouse offered great potential, but it was a complex space with its nooks and crannies, not to mention all the uneven floors, walls and ceilings. The house also needed some remedial works and TLC, and in some cases we had to strip right back to the core to start over.”

Andrew Laidler

(Tracy and Andrew's Bedroom Before)

Andrew Laidler

(Will’s Bedroom Before)

What did Spaceslide do

Tracy and Andrew consulted the Spaceside team and explained they wanted something modern and chic, while still putting functionality first. It was also important for the decor to reflect the beautiful and tranquil character of the house, so we took this into consideration when putting together the design. 

After our initial design visit, our customers opted for the Deluxe Shaker three-panel sliding wardrobe doors with a stone-grey frame and matching panels in their master bedroom. This created a modern yet timeless design, while the panels maintained an element of farmhouse chic. 

As for their son, Will’s bedroom, our customers wanted something that would match anything, as Will’s style is bound to change as he grows. They also needed something super efficient that would hold all of Will’s clothes. A Deluxe Shaker wardrobe in Arctic White was therefore the perfect choice. 

What the bedroom looked like after

 Andrew Laidler

Andrew Laidler

(Tracy and Andrew’s Bedroom After)


Andrew Laidler

(Will’s Bedroom After)

Our customers’ bedrooms were completely transformed with the help of Spaceslide fitted wardrobes. The neutral colours enhanced the space, while the panels maintained their home’s quaint charm. As for the wardrobe interiors, the double rails, shelving and drawers ensured that every inch of the wardrobe was put to good use.

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