Walnut wardrobe

Natural-look Lincoln walnut sliding wardrobes
The age-old look of Lincoln walnut wardrobes. A versatile style, the walnut finish, with its grey undertones, will work well with a wide range of colours and designs, such as stone green, cashmere and denim. From the classic, traditional look, to something a little more modern and on-trend, Lincoln walnut can work in many different rooms and décor styles.

Browse our range of classic, timeless and authentic walnut wardrobes here - you’ll soon see that no two wardrobes are the same.

By using our ‘design your own wardrobe’ tool, you can fully-customise your wardrobe design, from the size of the sliding doors, right down to the intricate details of its interior fittings.

Lincoln Walnut sliding wardrobe doors
With Lincoln walnut sliding wardrobe doors, you can add a touch of luxurious heritage to a room. Perfect for creating a warm, toasty feel on Winter nights, as well as being a classic all-year-round look. Our wardrobes also create space. By neatly storing away and organising your things, you’ll have a bigger bedroom to utilise for relaxing and downtime. Whether you choose to implement a walnut finish into your sliding wardrobe doors, walk in wardrobe or fitted wardrobe, we’ve got the ideal piece for you. For more information on colour trends, installation guides and FAQs, visit our downloads page.

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