Signature Storage

Wardrobe interiors Flexible to fit any space

The signature interior kit range

  • Signature Storage - Kit 1(1090-1490mm)

    Signature Storage - Kit 1(1090-1490mm)

    Crafted with both design and function in mind the Signature Storage kit 1 offers the ideal solution for someone looking to hang their clothes.

    From: £228.99
    Was £457.99
  • Signature Storage - Kit 2 (1090-1490mm)

    Signature Storage - Kit 2 (1090-1490mm)

    If you liked what our Signature kit 1 had to offer but think you could do with a little extra space, kit 2 is sure to be the one for you.

    From: £279.00
    Was £558.00
  • Signature Storage - Kit 3 (1090-1490mm)

    Signature Storage - Kit 3 (1090-1490mm)

    If shelf space is more desirable to you, the Signature storage kit 3 offers 5 shelves and 2 hanger bars offering the perfect mix of storage options.

    From: £329.00
    Was £658.01
  • Signature Storage - Kit 4 (1620-2240mm)

    Signature Storage - Kit 4 (1620-2240mm)

    Offering the perfect mix of folding and hanging space, the Signature storage kit 4 is designed for someone looking for a mixture of storage space.

    From: £369.00
    Was £738.00
  • Signature Storage - Kit 5 (1105-1640mm)

    Signature Storage - Kit 5 (1105-1640mm)

    Designed to suit your space (and yourself) the Signature storage kit 5 offers the perfect mixture of storage to suit any style.

    From: £479.00
    Was £958.01
  • Signature Storage - Kit 6 (1540-2090mm)

    Signature Storage - Kit 6 (1540-2090mm)

    With design and function in the forefront of our minds, the Signature storage kit 6 offers everything you could want from your storage...and more!

    From: £558.99
    Was £1117.99
  • Signature Storage - Kit 7 (1940-2540mm)

    Signature Storage - Kit 7 (1940-2540mm)

    Offering a heap of storage space with a mixture of shelves, hanger bars and shoe racks the Signature storage kit 7 is built to adapt around your ever-changing lifestyle.

    From: £828.99
    Was £1657.99
  • Signature Storage - Kit 8 (1940-2540mm)

    Signature Storage - Kit 8 (1940-2540mm)

    One of our more extensive kits, the Signature storage kit 8 helps you optimise your living space with a variety of storage components.

    From: £899.00
    Was £1798.01
  • Signature Storage - Kit 9 (2390-3390mm)

    Signature Storage - Kit 9 (2390-3390mm)

    Signature storage kit 9 is the complete storage package. A great variety of shelves, hanger bars, shoe racks and drawer boxes this kit really offers everything you could want and more.

    From: £1199.00
    Was £2398.01

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