Premier Storage Kit 35 (3740-5240mm wide)


Our most elite Premier Storage Kit available, this design is a must have for those with plenty of space available. When opting for storage in our ultra-modern contemporary styling, then why not choose the perfect interior system to match? Fitted with multiple shoe racks, eight hanging sections, high and low level shelving, in addition to box drawers, this is all the storage you will ever need. Suitable for widths from 3740-5240mm it is adaptable to your room with 11 different wood effects to choose from.

What is included?
12 x 500mm shelves
4 x 1000mm shelves
4 x 1000mm hanger bars
4 x 500mm hanger bars
8 x floor to wall stanchions
2 x drawer boxes
4 x shoe rack

Every component needed to install the kit comes as standard.


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