Expectation form

Unloading your bedroom could take up to 30 minutes so please let the surveyor know if there are any access and parking restrictions.

You agree the fitter can have access to the site at reasonable times (between 8.30am and 6.30pm on weekdays) or otherwise as agreed by you and us.

You agree to make sure that any re-routing or installation of plumbing (including water, radiators, drainage, gas, sewage and the like), or electrics, removal of existing furniture and carpets have been carried out to a good workman-like standard prior to the fitting date.

You agree to make sure that the fitter can use the mains electricity supply from a standard 13A 240V socket free of charge and that the supply is installed to the usual standards in force at the time.

You agree that you will not make any material alterations in the rooms to be fitted after the in-person survey, or virtual survey if you are not local to our showrooms and that in particular you have not installed, relocated or removed any fixed items that you have not told us about before we entered into the contract.

You agree to provide reasonable access to the room to be fitted (ladder access is not acceptable) to clear the room to provide sufficient working space for the fitter, and co-operate in reducing health and safety risks to an acceptable level.

You agree that if you wish to cancel or postpone your fitting date we require a minimum of 7 working days' written notice prior to the agreed installation date.

You confirm that you have told us of any particular features which you know about the site or its construction which may make the installation more difficult than we might reasonably expect. In particular, you acknowledge that you have checked all walls are sound.

You are advised not to decorate rooms (except the space where front frame furniture is to be installed) prior to installation, in order to avoid minor incidental damage caused during installation.

You understand that it is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate measurements (and make note of unlevel surfaces) when a virtual survey is conducted, and that Spaceslide cannot be held liable if inaccurate measurements are the cause of a failed installation.