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Sliding doors -

How high and wide can my wardrobes go?

All of our doors are made to measure. Our sliding doors are made according to the overall height and width of the actual aperture in which you wish to install the system. The maximum height is 2,490mm and the maximum width is 5,000mm. However, please note with our Classic range the widest width you can go to is 4555mm.


My height is bigger than 2,490mm, what can I do?

We can produce a dropdown with our colour-matched liners and end panels to help finish the look of your wardrobes. Speak to your local showroom team for more information on how to achieve the perfect look.


Are track sets included with the doors?

Colour-matched track sets are included and cut to size for your made to measure sliding doors.


How deep are your wardrobes?

As deep as you want them to be! We provide the doors and track sets for your wardrobe at the size you need so you can fit them in whatever space you need to.


Interior -

Can I purchase a storage system to go behind my wardrobe?

Yes, we have three different storage systems, Standard, Premier and Elevation. Standard storage systems come in fixed lengths that can be cut down or added to depending on your requirements.


Will the storage system work on a sloping ceiling?

The stanchions are not designed to fit onto an angle surface, but you can use the floor to wall system to fix onto the wall below a sloping ceiling.


What is the storage system made of?

The stanchions are high-grade aluminium, which is anodised satin silver. The metal accessories are either aluminium or die-cast zinc whilst the drawer units are made of FSC® (TT-COC-007874) certified MFC (melamine faced chipboard).


What weight will the clothes hanger bar and the MFC shelving take?

The hanger bar will take up to 60kg of weight, offering plenty of strength to support all of your clothes. The MFC shelving will take the weight of a 26" TV. This is equivalent of up to 30kg.


Other -

What is a liner?

A liner is a piece of MFC (melamine-faced chipboard). This will match your choice of sliding door frame. The purpose of a liner is to act as a floor plate for the bottom track as well as a wall liner where the sliding doors will meet the wall. Our liners are 100mm wide, 18mm thick and approximately 2,500mm long. They are not compulsory - and you can delete them from our order sequence if they are not required – however, we’d always recommend using a liner to make the installation even easier.


How thick are the track sets?

Our track sets range from 84-100mm (back to front) at their biggest, with the bottom track being slightly smaller to ensure that your doors fit securely, but don't detract from the overall look.

Questions and answers

Do you offer advice with colour combinations and door configurations?
The design your own tool on the website allows you to play around with colour configurations and styles. If you would like some advice on fashionable colour choices or combinations, our team of design experts would be happy to help. You can use our live chat system, WhatsApp or simply call 0800 980 3499.


Are the different effects/colours individually priced?
Yes they are. By using the design your own tool, you can calculate the cost of the combinations. Click here to start your design.


I’d prefer to see the doors in person, do the showrooms have a display of each door type?
We have 4 showrooms across the UK. The showrooms have each door range on display and a variety of different finishes. If you would prefer to check with a showroom click here to find your nearest one.


Do my doors all have to be the same configuration of colours and designs? 
You can be as creative as you like with colour ways and designs.  The only restriction is that all of your doors must be within the same range.


Can the furniture be colour matched to my sliding doors?
The colour way options allow you to achieve 168 different combinations from 14 finishes. The bedroom furniture colours are matched to the Premium Mini, Premium Midi and Deluxe Shaker door ranges.


Can I order samples?
If you can’t get to a showroom but still need to see the colours and combinations in person you can order samples to be delivered direct to your home address.

Questions and answers

Are the products safe?

Absolutely. All glass and mirrors are safety backed to BS 6206 part B. Our products go through extensive testing by FIRA. More information on this can be found here.


What does the product warranty cover?

The warranty covers all moving parts of your sliding doors and room dividers. More information on the product warranty can be found here.


Does your installation carry a guarantee

Yes, it carries a two year guarantee (on top of the standard ten year warranty we offer on sliding door moving parts).


Why is the soft close mechanism on my wardrobe not working?
When installing a wardrobe with a soft close mechanism on top of carpet or in a new-build house, there are occasions where the bottom liner and track on the wardrobe may eventually drop or compress over time. This may be due to the carpet and underlay further compressing under the weight of the wardrobe, or in the case of a new-build property, the floor settling over time, particularly when the room is full of furniture and possessions. This may mean that your soft close may no longer engage and function as it should. If on the rare occasion this happens, the soft close mechanism can easily be adjusted to drop down the soft close pin. We have a video and self-help guide to do this which can be found here
Our 10 Year Warranty covers the repair or replacement of the soft close mechanism functionality but not where that functionally has failed as a result of settlement and/or installations on top of carpet. 

Questions and answers

Are the doors difficult to install?
Our doors are easy to install.  All you will need is a spirit level, tape measure and pozi drive screw driver, as well as possibly a hacksaw if you need to cut the stanchions or shelves down to size. We’d always recommend at least two able-bodied people to carry the doors and install them. Click here to see our helpful installation videos.


Can you install the sliding wardrobes for me?

Our products are easy to install. However, for those who prefer not to do it themselves, we can arrange a full design and installation service for you. Contact us here for further information.


Can I decorate the room prior to installation?
You are advised to not decorate rooms prior to installation (including the laying of carpet).

How long will it take for my sliding wardrobes to be delivered?

Once we receive your order, we aim to deliver within 21 days depending on product specification. Our delivery partner HDS will contact you to arrange a time slot closer to the delivery date, at which point they will take your delivery right to the room of your choosing. More information can be found on our delivery page.

We ask all our customers to inspect their delivery carefully on arrival and notify us as soon as possible, but no later than within 72 hours of delivery, if there has been any damage in transit. The driver will be happy to wait while you check your items. Please do not sign to say you have checked the products until you have adequately done so. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept claims for breakages, scratches or damage to any products that you have accepted and signed for on delivery and that was not subsequently notified to us within 72 hours of delivery.

What can I expect if I order online installation?
Until now we have only been able to offer Installation exclusively through a selection of our showrooms. Due to its success and popularity we have expanded our offering to include online customers. We have been able to offer this service online since launching virtual installation which involves our dedicated team talking you through the steps of measuring up, either via FaceTime or Skype or even the simple exchange of photos. Through this they can confirm that your measurements are accurate and make sure there is nothing obstructing the space for the wardrobe to fit. 

After this has been completed the dedicated installation team are able to advise when your delivery and installation will take place.

Should you have any queries regarding our installation service please contact us here. When filling out the form please choose your query type from the drop down. For all survey enquiries please select ‘install’. 

Questions and answers

What is an end panel?
An end panel is the side of the wardrobe. Whilst you may wish to have one side as an existing wall in your bedroom, you can use an end panel on the other side to determine the width of your wardrobe. Our end panels are made from MFC (melamine-faced chipboard) and can be specified to match your chosen wardrobe frame.  They are supplied in a standard size* which can be cut to perfectly fit the height of your bedroom ceiling. See end panel video here.

*H: 2,500mm x W: 620mm x D: 18mm


What does wall to wall, wall to end panel, and end panel to end panel mean?
Wall to wall means your wardrobe doors will be fitted in an existing niche between two walls. If you don’t have a niche, you can create one by using end panels. You can do this from an existing wall to an end panel (wall to end panel), or use two end panels to create your wardrobe space (end panel to end panel). See more information here


What is a liner?
A liner is a piece of MFC (melamine-faced chipboard). This will match your choice of sliding door frame. The purpose of a liner is to act as a floor plate for the bottom track as well as a wall liner where the sliding doors will meet the wall. Our liners are 100mm wide, 18mm thick and approximately 2,500mm long. They are not compulsory - and you can delete them from our order sequence if they are not required – however we’d always recommend using a liner to make the installation even easier. For information on how to install liners click here.


What is an aperture?
An aperture is the area that your doors will be fitted into. It is the width (A), height (B) and depth (C) of the space where your sliding doors will be.



What is the difference between room dividers and wardrobe doors?
Room dividers have a different frame system. As the room divider will be seen from both sides, they are made with a frame that hides all the fixings. The door frames are Satin Silver anodised aluminium and you have the opportunity to choose a different colour for the front and the back, rendering both sides aesthetically pleasing. With a wardrobe system, the wheels and reverse of the panel are exposed within the interior of the wardrobe but concealed from view.