Our Royal Wedding wardrobe (sort of)

The Royal Wedding is upon us, and with such a short space of time to go, we’ve been getting particularly excited here at Spaceslide. So much so in fact, that a few of us have been getting a little too excited.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with baking the odd batch of celebratory cakes, keeping up to date on the ever-expanding guest list or even discussing the intricacies of Megan’s dress; but what happens when someone goes too far? What could possibly go wrong? Surely any extra built-up enthusiasm and excitement is only going to create a good buzz, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, one of our wardrobe designers has taken his love for the Royal Wedding a little too far. A connoisseur of cabinets, a lover of laminate and with a soft spot for sliding doors – our designer has combined two of his interests together and created – wait for it – the Royal Wedding wardrobe!

Sadly, we think he’s missed the Mark(le) – but we appreciate the effort.