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    Room Dividers

    Room Dividers

    Separate space

    Partition your room, quickly and easily

    Make the most of your home's space with our range of room dividers. We make them to your precise measurements, letting you quickly and easily partition rooms.

    Whether you want to separate the dining area of your lounge, or make a temporary overnight bedroom in your living room, our room dividers will give your home a contemporary and stylish look.view range



    Smarter storage

    Maximise your storage space

    With our range of stylish storage systems, you can easily create your own wardrobe storage, office workstation or multimedia centre.

    You can choose from our standard sized internal wardrobe kits or customise your own layout. We have entry level wardrobe kits for simple hanging and storage plus attractive aluminium modular systems.view range

    Bedroom Furniture

    Bedroom Furniture

    Perfect pieces

    Complete the look with our freestanding collection

    Freestanding bedroom furniture allows you the opportunity to re-arrange and change the layout of your room as your needs and tastes change, effectively giving you a new room every time!

    Already have fitted wardrobes, or having new ones from Spaceslide? Enhance your room even further by adding bedside cabinets or chests of drawers from our extensive and versatile range of designs, colours and sizes.view range

    Glass Doors

    Glass Doors

    Open house

    Let in the light with our contemporary doors

    Add a contemporary feel to your home with these glass doors.

    They're the same size as a standard door size, so you can just replace your existing doors! The glass is specially toughened and sandblasted for a modern, smoked finish.view range