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Last year, uniform and work wear experts, Simon Jersey, found that one in five workers have been reprimanded by their boss for inappropriate work wear.

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One employee was told her dress was ‘’too pink’’; while another was pulled into a meeting over their creased shirt.

Nowadays, work wear is harder than ever to get right. 55% of employees think they dress less smartly for work than they did ten years ago, while 44% think that there is something about their appearance that isn’t suitable for work.  Employers seem to be more lax in regard to body piercings and tattoos than ever before.

However, all of this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Alongside the staple white shirt and smart work trousers, we can inject some personality into our working wardrobes, which wasn’t an option 50 years ago.

Take a look below for our recommendations of what to have in your wardrobe, regardless of changing fashion trends:

Classic White Shirt

The timelessly chic white shirt is possibly the most important piece in your wardrobe and every designer has their own take. This can pull any outfit together; whether you wear it with jeans and trainers, or a blazer and brogues, it’ll give you an effortless edge. Look fashionable and finished with minimal effort

Tailored Trousers

The tailored trouser can be your best friend, whatever your shape or size. The best trousers will rest on your waist, and glide over your hips and stomach. Women, don’t go for skintight if you want to stay professional. Loose fitting will keep them work-appropriate, while also keeping you cool in an overheated office.

Pencil Skirt

Ladies, this is simply a must! A pencil skirts can be slimming and can add to or highlight elements of your figure in a professional manner. Be careful to make sure the quality is good though: a bad quality skirt can cling to the wrong areas or hang in an unflattering way.


A black blazer is incredibly versatile, as it goes well with skirts or trousers, and can do wonders for any figure. Men, if you want to appear taller, buy a longer blazer. Women, if you want to accentuate your waist make sure the blazer you choose is fitted.  Whatever type of blazer you buy, this piece will definitely keep you looking work-ready.


The dark suit used to dominate the work arena, but in recent years colour has been allowed in. For both men and woman, navy, grey and stone suits make a great base to add colour and patterns to. Pink, dark orange and red all compliment grey nicely while, alongside black, they can look harsh. This style will draw your colleagues’ attention for all the right reasons.


Everyone forgets this final step, but it can really make or break your overall look. If you add some statement jewellery to your white shirt and black blazer it adds that final pizzazz and is also a simpler way to add your personality to a look; whether it be a geometric necklace or a wrist watch.

Don’t forget scarves and bags either! Man or woman, if you choose the wrong colour of scarf, or if your bag doesn’t tone with your look, this can shatter the illusion and you won’t project the same finesse you would have otherwise.

Once you’ve filled your wardrobe with these important purchases, contemplate organisation. You don’t want to have bought these new clothes, only to never wear them as they’ve been pushed to the back of your overloaded closet. Consider wardrobe interiors; if you invest in one of our Premier Storage kits, which can fit inside your wardrobe, you can keep items separated, thus, making everything easier to find.

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