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Why Fitted Wardrobes are Making a Comeback

Despite connotations of 1970s home interiors, fitted wardrobes are making a fashionable comeback to contemporary interior design. Jake Harbud, showroom sales advisor for Spaceslide, explains why – and considers how fitted furniture can add value to your home.


With the pace of today’s hectic lifestyles always seemingly increasing, people are looking to improve their quality of life by alleviating stress factors at home and in the workplace.  On the home front, there is no easier way to achieve this than by having a calm and ordered environment.

Whilst they portray extreme cases, TV programmes like C4’s Excessive Compulsive Hoarder urge us to question whether we too have excessive clutter in our homes.  In the 2015 BBC magazine article, The hazards of too much stuff, trend forecaster James Wallman found that Brits’ homes are “drowning in stuff.”  Reporting on a survey carried out by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), he reveals that 2,260 items were counted in just the two bedrooms and living room of the smallest home surveyed (980 sq ft) – and that didn’t include anything that was “tucked into drawers or squeezed into cupboards.”

 So yes, we should all probably acquire less stuff…and declutter what we do have.  Alongside that is having the right storage in the home to house our possessions in an organised way.  The beauty of bespoke made-to-measure bedroom furniture is being able to discreetly conceal all your worldly possessions behind the wardrobe doors.  That’s not to say you should cram as much as you can haphazardly into this space, as you’ll only feel stressed upon opening the doors.  The key is to have well-organised interiors that are a pleasure to delve into. 

Of course, another reason we have too much stuff in our homes is because we don’t have enough space for the number of people living in them.  Whether you’re a couple starting a family and switching out the spare room for a nursery, or you’re waiting while your grown-up kids save a deposit so they can reach for the first rung on the property ladder, you may be feeling the house is fit to burst.

Property Ladder 

I’m sure many of us would ideally like to upgrade to a larger house with an extra bedroom or two, and maybe those little extras you’ve always dreamed of, like a walk-in wardrobe, a cloakroom or an en-suite.  However property prices have kept many of us right where we are, faced with the challenge of creating space without feeling boxed in.

The major advantage of fitted furniture is being able to maximise every inch of space available, especially when applying this to tricky spaces like alcoves or under eaves.  In choosing floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobes, homeowners can really go the distance and then cherry-pick from shelf kits, tower units, hanger bars and drawers to get storage customised for your needs. 

The top shelf in a fitted wardrobe is a great asset and can be used for storing items that are used less frequently, such as bulky items like luggage, or accessories like hats that need careful storing.  And by removing various storage elements from your bedroom and incorporating them within the fitted wardrobe, you can create a much more open and uncluttered space to rest and relax in.  You can do this, for example, by having drawers as a feature within the wardrobe, as opposed to a freestanding dresser, or sufficient hanging space rather than a multitude of hooks on the back of the bedroom door.

It’s good to know that fitted furniture can also play a role at the point you come to sell your home.  Those viewing properties nowadays are generally more aware of their storage needs and will be looking to see what your home has to offer.  You can read more about this and see stats on what house hunters want in our blog:

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