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Lagom décor: how our bedroom furniture can help you create balance in your home

If you weren’t convinced by our blog article on using our wardrobes to create a Hygge Heaven in your home, then you might enjoy our latest exploration in bedroom furniture lifestyle trends: the Swedish concept of Lagom.


Lagom, or ‘enough, adequate, just right’, in Swedish, is a lifestyle movement that celebrates the fine art of being un-excessive and living in moderation. This can include striking a balance between opposing forces: such as work and life, or spending and saving. Put short, it’s about moderation.

Lagom doesn’t follow the 21st-century trend of over-spending, of filling our homes and lives with more stuff (read: clutter) than we need. In fact, Lagom, at least in terms of home décor, emphasises creating balance in the home and making more of what you already have.

So what does this have to do with our fitted wardrobes?

Make more of the space you have with fitted wardrobes

Lagom is all about making the most of what you already have. And although many of us dream of a bigger home, with larger rooms and more space to live, we may be currently unable to move home, create an extension or physically add more space.

We often say that our sliding wardrobe doors create space by discreetly opening horizontally without taking up more room, like a typical outward-opening wardrobe would, but there’s also another way to make more of the space you already have.

By choosing one of our mirrored sliding wardrobes, you can create the feeling of having more space, by reflecting your room back on itself. Although only an illusion, this tactic is in line with Lagom in the sense that it makes the most of what you already have.

Create your perfect custom wardrobe here.

 Less is more: create a balanced Lagom look through interior storage

As well as making the most of what you already have, another key aspect of Lagom is ‘Less is more’.

When it comes to Lagom décor, this translates to limiting ‘showy’ furnishings to a few select pieces, and highlighting the open space in-between your pieces. Lagom says that not every square meter of space needs to be filled with extravagant, loud decorations or props. Lagom celebrates the balance of stuff, and space.

At Spaceslide, we say that our wardrobes create space, and this is in-keeping with Lagom. So how can you create space with our fitted wardrobes? By choosing the right wardrobe interior.

From specialised tower units, with drawers and hangers, through to complex systems such as our Signature Storage – Kit 8, our interior fittings are designed to remove the clutter from your bedroom and to neatly store it away.

When you customise your wardrobe, you can choose form a wide range of interiors that best suit your belongings and needs.

 Create a single focal point with your sliding wardrobe

Over-complication is the opposite of Lagom. And interiors with multiple focal points can really make a room feel overcrowded and cluttered. Lagom says that by creating a single focal point, rather than many, in each room, you’ll create an impression of modernity and simple living.

Our fitted wardrobes are subtly-designed, modern-yet-timeless and versatile. With this in mind, they make the perfect simple centrepiece for a Lagom bedroom.

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To create the balanced look of Lagom décor in your home with our fitted wardrobes, start to design your own here, or alternatively, speak to one of our experts for advice.

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