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Salvage the Space in your Bedroom

You might have maximised all the available wardrobe storage space in your bedroom, but somehow the clutter still manages to creep in. Rather than continuing to force items under your bed, or stack up your possessions in unattractive plastic boxes, why not use some of these clever space-saving storage hacks?



1. Hiding in plain sight – a comfy chair is a welcome addition for any bedroom, whether you use it for sinking into when immersed in your latest book or inadvertently stacking your clothes! Consider making it more useful and hollow it out. You can then use it as a place to store your favourite books or magazines in. Moreover, if you have a simple wooden chair, consider adding a shelf along the bottom, creating a practical solution to your storage woes.

 2. Fold away space – Have you noticed that you seem to be accumulating more and more trinkets than you have home for in your bedroom? A fold away table is a brilliant solution to this, offering a secret space to keep your stationery, jewellery and hair accessories – as well as anything else that would otherwise clutter up your room. In addition, it also provides you with invaluable desk space.



3. Under the surface – ottomans are perfect for small bedrooms because they have a range of uses. They’re perfect for putting your feet up after a long day at the office, and also offer a handy place to stack books and magazines on top of. However, they also make the perfect wardrobe storage solution for shoes; a charming, elegant alternative to unsightly transparent storage units.



4. Don’t keep us hanging - do you find that you have more clothes than you can fit in your wardrobe, or is your jewellery box overflowing? Knock a few nails into your wall and hang-up your jewellery, coats or pyjamas, taking up less space than a dresser or coat stand would.



5. Sliding doors – Bespoke sliding wardrobe doors allow you to maximise the available floor-to-ceiling space in your bedroom, accommodating awkward alcoves and sloping roofs. You can even customise the interiors, adding hangers and shoe racks, ensuring you have enough space to suit your needs. By concealing clothes and shoes behind sleek sliding doors, you can also create a much more open and uncluttered space to rest and relax in.

Sliding wardrobe doors


We all put a premium on storage space, and with these simple hacks you can monopolise on the available space in your bedroom quickly and easily. Effective and ample floor-to-ceiling storage means your bedroom is free to become a serene sanctuary, ideal for unwinding in after a long, stressful day.

3 Simple Steps

Measure, Design, Order

  1. 1

    Measure the space in your room

    Use our helpful guide to make sure your wardrobe doors fit your space perfectly.

    Guide to Measuring
  2. 2

    Design your style using our configurator

    There are no hidden costs or surprises with our tool that allows you to view the price in real-time as you build your design.

    Design Your Wardrobe
  3. 3

    Place your order & get it installed

    Use our online design tool to create your bespoke sliding wardrobes and order them for direct delivery. Or you can take advantage of our complete survey, design and installation service.